The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Coming This Month


Telltale games has stated that the highly anticipated The Walking Dead Game: Season 2’s first episode will be launching this month! To everybody’s surprise, most were expecting this title to release sometime in 2014. Walking Dead Season 2 will pick up right where the 400 Days DLC left off, which was a bridge between Season 1 and Season 2. It has now been confirmed that Clementine will be the main star and protagonist of the game. Some time has passed and Clementine will be more mature and resilient than in Season 1, according to a developer. The episodes will be releasing for iOS, Mac, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, X1, and more platforms in the future as well. For more Walking Dead news, stay tuned!

(Source – IGN)

Walking Dead Season 2 Sees a Familiar Face


TellTale Games has finally dropped some tidbits about The Walking Dead Season 2 interactive game. Clementine, the lovable innocent sidekick from Season 1 will be returning for the new season. Clementine’s appearance in season 2 can be a major driving point for buyers of the first game. TellTale’s Chief Executive Dan Connors confirmed that she “will definitely be a part of” the second season. Whether this means she will be the protagonist or not remains to be seen. It was long rumored that Clementine would appear in the 400 days DLC, however it turned out to be a whole new cast. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly waiting for the release date announcement for Season 2. For more news, stay tuned.

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Walking Dead 400 Days Launching Soon


Today, Telltale Games finally unveiled details on their latest project, 400 Days. It is the first DLC for their highly successful Walking Dead game. This download only will offer five stories. All of these stories will be centered on individual characters located at a Georgia truck-stop. 400 Days takes place between and after the events in the first series, and connects with Season 2 .

Remarkably, the decisions you made in Season 1 do affect the 400 Days DLC. Additionally, the decisions you make in this new DLC will most certainly affect your experience in Season 2. They did note however that it is possible to play elements of the story independently of one another, having not played Season 1.

“The five stories, taken together, are about equal in length to a single episode of The Walking Dead. They can be played in any order and you can then figure out how they all connect with each other, like Pulp Fiction”. When asked if familiar characters from Season 1 would return, the rep answered “might be … who knows?”
In symbolic Telltale fashion, the characters have to balance protecting themselves, while also trying to keep people on their side, before making hard choices that have upsetting or sometimes deadly consequences. 400 Days will launch in July, priced at $4.99, for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Mac. For more E3 news, stay tuned to GamersXtreme.