Street Fighter X Tekken Swap Costume Sale

More SFXT news coming out of Capcom from NYCC ’12: They will be holding a sale on all “Swap” costumes from October 23rd to November 6th for PlayStation 3 owners, in order to celebrate the upcoming release of the game on the PlayStation Vita.

For the unfamiliar, Swap costumes allow characters from the Street Fighter and Tekken franchises to dress up similarly to characters from their rival franchise. So if you’ve wanted to dress Ken like Lars or see Xiaoyu in Chun Li’s outfit, this is the time to buy, as all applicable costumes will be 50% off during the sale period.

Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013 Announced; Receives Extensive Balancing

While Capcom gave us a ton to look forward to at their Street Fighter 25th Anniversary panel at New York Comic Con ’12, one item in particular is sure to appeal to fans of Capcom’s latest fighting installment, Street Fighter X Tekken. Similar to the major overhauls done in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren announced they will be releasing a major balance patch for SFXT in mid-December.

While not all details of the patch were released at the con, a list of all changes mentioned are as follows:


  • Throw start-up frames reduced from 7 to 5
  • Tekken characters receiving better anti-air attacks
  • Recoverable health regenerates at a slower rate to reduce amount of time-outs in matches
  • Recoverable health is orange instead of pale yellow to make it more distinctive
  • Boost Combo camera has been stabilized to keep gameplay flow smooth
  • Visual effect from gem collection is more subtle
  • The “FIGHT” pop-up disappears more quickly at the start of a fight


  • Ken: Shippu Jinraikyaku has more forward movement and increased damage
  • Kazuya: EX Wind God Fist now has full invulnerability from start-up to the end of active frames
  • M. Bison: Knee-Press Nightmare is now fully invincible to projectiles
  • Bob and Paul: Walk speed increased

The patch is slated for release in mid-December and will be free of charge.

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Original Devil May Cry Director Comments on On-Disc DLC

Believe it or not, Mass Effect 3 isn’t the only game getting slammed by “fans” for having on-disc DLC (aside from the ending outcry). Capcom is under fire for their latest release, Street Fighter X TEKKEN, for having DLC already stored on the disc (no surprise Capcom). Thanks to Twitter, people can reach out to those involved in the industry to see what their stance is on this philosophy.

Tweeters have reached out to Hideki Kamiya, former director of Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta. Here’s what he had to say on his Twitter about the whole on-disc DLC scenario:

“Some fans asked me what I think about DLC. To be 100% clear. Here is what I think: If it costs money to make the content above what was planned for the game, you should pay for it. Even if it is on-disc. If you cut budgeted features from a game and then try to sell them as DLC just to make more money, that is wrong. 

I don’t follow game news all that closely. I have no interest in what is going on with Street Figher X Tekken. I am busy making my own games. So don’t waste my time twisting my words to fit whatever side of a controversy you want. I don’t care. OK? 

My twitter isn’t what you use to find your news on a slow day. It is to communicate with fans don’t ruin it. It fucking pisses me off.”

Well, it’s evident Mr. Kamiya wanted to clarify his beliefs so that he doesn’t get dragged further into a dilemma that clearly doesn’t even involve him. Do you agree with him? Sound off your opinions below!

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