Portal 2 Gets “In Motion” on PSN Next Week

Looking for a reason to utilize your PS Move? What if I were to tell you that Portal 2 is getting PS Move functionality and DLC? Well, you’re in luck thanks to the third-party team over at Sixense, who have been working on bringing full PS Move functionality to Portal 2. Starting next week on November 6th, those who already own a copy of Portal 2 on the PS3 will be able to download the patch so that you can replay the entire game and/or co-op with the Move and Navigation controllers. If you want to add more content to the game, the “In Motion” DLC will be available for $9.99 (30% discount for PS Plus members) that takes full advantage of the motion controls and provides a fresh experience.

They’ve decided to release this alongside the PSN version of Portal 2, which is also coming out on November 6th. Those who purchase the digital version will automatically have the PS Move functionality incorporated. Again though, those who have purchased the retail copy just have to simply download the patch to get going on you motion control experience.

Portal 2 was a phenomenal game and seeing how Sixense wanted to bring motion control capabilities to it is certainly exciting. Will you be popping Portal 2 back in next week when the patch and DLC go live? Sound off in the comments below!

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Now Supports PS Move, PS Move Racing Wheel and Kinect

Criterion Games is prepping up the release for their highly-anticipated reboot of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and it seems the console versions are getting a little extra features. According to the latest box art revealed for the game, the PS3 version will have PS Move support, as well as support from the PS Move Racing Wheel that’s slated to release alongside LittleBigPlanet Karting. The Xbox 360 version appears to have Kinect integration as well. Aside from taking a photo of yourself, not much is known as to how it will affect the gameplay with the Kinect.

Now with PS Move support

Now with Kinect Support

While at NYCC, there was a PS Vita build that we’ll be providing our hands-on for soon so stay tuned for that. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is slated for release on October 30th for the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360.

What do you guys think about the support for PS Move and Kinect? Sound off in the comments below!

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The House of the Dead 4 Hands-On with Full Demo Playthrough

The House of the Dead has been around for roughly 15 years and still to this day, is a ton of fun to just pop-in for mindless, zombie shooting action. While previous iterations were released on home consoles, The House of the Dead 4 never saw the light of day on systems. Thankfully, SEGA has decided to finally port it over to the PS3 with PS Move integration, providing players with a similar experience to that of the arcade version, especially if you have the PS Move Sharpshooter peripheral.

Upon starting the demo, you’ll take control of James Taylor, the protagonist from HotD 2, or Kate Green, who’s new to the franchise. Interestingly, James’ voice acting is just as laughably mundane here as it was back in HotD 2…which means you should prepare to laugh your ass off when you hear his lines. Normally, this would be a bad thing but you can’t help but feel nostalgic when you hear the “so bad, it’s good” voice acting. The demo allows you to tinker with the game settings, including how much life you want, the amount of credits and the difficulty. After calibrating the PS Move controller, I was ready to mow down zombies with the series’ new machine gun. Previously, we used pistols in the first two installments and a shotgun in HotD 3. The zombies take a good amount of bullets to go down though so you won’t be mowing them down instantly with each shot.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, it’s still the same HotD formula we’ve come to love over the years. Move forward, blast all the zombies, move forward some more, blast more zombies, rinse, lather and repeat. Aside from the new weapon you’ll be wielding, one extra mechanic they have added was the ability to shake off enemies that grab onto you, ala Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles/Darkside Chronicles. This is certainly a very welcome addition as it leads to less cheap shots at you and gives you some defense. Additionally, you can also toss grenades, which certainly help clear the screen of enemies when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Visually, the game looks pretty average, more like a game from the start of this generation. Although, the game still retains its signature 60 fps that was every installment beforehand. The soundtrack consists mainly of techno style music and fit the game pretty well. From what was heard so far, it’s nothing amazing, but certainly a bump up from the previous installments…granted, the boss music from HotD 2 was really catchy.

The demo is quite brief, but when the full game releases next week for the mere price of $9.99 ($6.99 for PS+ members), fans of the series or any light gun rail-shooters may want to pick this up. Check out the gameplay video I captured of the entire demo below!

The House of the Dead 4 Finally Gets a Console Release

The House of the Dead franchise has always been a great shooter to play in the arcade with a buddy or even dual-wielding two guns for yourself. I remember literally having a group of people watch me complete the original House of the Dead when I dual-wielded two guns by playing as two players. Good times.

SEGA released sequels throughout the years but one installment never received console treatment, The House of the Dead 4. Well, time to dust off those PS Move Sharpshooters. Aside from The House of the Dead 3 being released via PSN on February 7th with full PS Move support, The House of the Dead 4 will also be coming to the PS3 this Spring. Those who’ve been waiting for this release will finally have the chance to play the game.

Will you be getting The House of the Dead 4? Needed a reason to pick up the PS Move? Sound off in the comments below!

Motionsports Adrenaline Review (PS3/360)

Motionsports Adrenaline is the sequel to last year’s Kinect exclusive title, Motionsports. It was developed and published by Ubisoft. This time around, we are treated to extreme sports as opposed to the sporting events that were playable in the original installment. Does this game have the adrenaline it needs to interest players? Let’s find out.

Note: This review is based on the PS3 version and could be slightly different on the Xbox 360 due to it’s requirement to play this with the Kinect.

Gameplay: 2/5

Motionsports Adrenaline lets you compete in six extreme sports events: Kite Surfing, Mountain Biking, Wingsuit, Rock Climbing, Skiing and Kayaking. Think of the game as an up-to-date California Games (for those who have fond memories of playing that on your Commodore 64, Lynx, NES, etc). While this game has the concept of a potentially fun title, it is unfortunately a complete mess. When you access the menus, the first thing I usually like to do is access the options menu to see what I can tweak before starting my game. Well, apparently the options menu isn’t bluntly titled that. Ubisoft decided to use “Degree Men Adrenaline” as a HUGE advertisement in this game and they actually called the menu “Degree Men Adrenaline Lab.” Really? I’m supposed to realize that the options, character customization and settings are located here? When that’s one of the issues in the game when you boot it up, you know there’s going to be a problem already. After going into the “lab” to use my “subject” to test out in the six events, it was time to jump into the game.

There’s no career mode to speak of in this game. You are offered Quick Play, Adrenaline Party and You Against the World (which is locked until you waste your uPlay points on it). There’s no “true” online mode for you to partake events in with friends or people around the world but you can compete against their records. Adrenaline Party is essentially a party mode in which you play 10 rounds of randomized events either by yourself or with up to four players in hot seat style of play. You Against the World, once purchased with the uPlay points you earn from playing select Ubisoft titles, has you just selecting challenges/records set by other players to compete in.

Each event has different variations you can select from such as coin collecting, speed freak and relay events. You can either partake in them competitively or cooperatively. However, the events are only slightly different from one another and feel tacked on. Each event also has roughly 2-3 courses to venture through, but they last for about a minute to three minutes max. Throughout the events, you will build up an adrenaline meter which usually results in a speed boost. Kite Surfing is similar to the PSN title, Wakeboarding HD, with the exception that you can’t freely pull off tricks unless you reach a “trick ring.” You will be going off jumps, grinding rails and slapping both analog sticks in specific directions on only certain jumps containing “trick rings” to pull off stunts. Mountain Biking has you going down perilous terrain as you time when to pull off perfect turns, dodge obstacles, pull off tricks at certain points and extend your arms to grab coins occasionally. Wingsuit has you skydiving down mountains, doing the same thing as every event. Collect the coins, pull off tricks and and dodge the obstacles. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Rock Climbing has you scaling up treacherous mountains, avoiding tremors that cause you to lose grip along the ledges that can break off or spout out water which makes you slip off. Also, boulders may occasionally fall down the mountain and should you get hit, your character literally takes it by only dropping down one ledge and the boulder shatters upon impact. The characters must have some serious metal plating in their skulls. The adrenaline meter in place here does not consist of a speed boost but rather a temporary shield to deflect falling boulders. This event was by far the WORST event to complete as the controls are incredibly sluggish and unresponsive. The climbing mechanics themselves are borderline archaic.

Skiing and Kayaking were definitely the slightly better events. Skiing follows the same premise as Kite Surfing in which you shred down a snow filled course, going off jumps and doing a few tricks. Kayaking is one of the more varied events as you’ll have to row your way down rapids and flip the kayak upside down to dodge obstacles that are in your path. Funny part is, I actually tested how long your character can stay with the kayak underwater, holding their breath. Apparently, they can stay under for the whole entire course. Interesting.

The game has a pretty neat feature in which another online player’s challenge will pop up during your run through events. If you beat their challenge, then you’re the new record holder for others to try and take on during their event playthroughs. While it’s not revolutionary, it is still cool to be given more of an incentive to tackle other players times mid-event. The game pushes for the player to utilize the PS Move (if you play the 360 version, it is required to have the Kinect), but the dualshock was an option to play with as well. After trying the events with the Move, it didn’t feel all that intuitive and led me to just sticking with a standard controller that made the game feel more natural.

Graphics: 2/5

The game’s visuals are at best, a Wii-looking title with an HD upscale. The textures are a bit underwhelming and the shadows casted from characters look more pixelized than first-generation PS1 textures. Character models animate appropriately but that’s about it. Nothing that’s out of the ordinary. The environments look mediocre and the water effects during kayaking look pretty poor. The game’s biggest problem with visuals lie within it’s framerate and texture pop-ups. Most of the time during events, the game had a hard time maintaining a solid framerate, leading to a good amount of stuttering and occasionally two second freezes. I couldn’t help but wonder what would cause the framerate and texture pop-ups when nothing here looked that good to begin with.

Sound: 2/5

The sound is one of the stronger aspects of the game…but that’s still not saying much. The soundtrack consists of some rock and techno tunes which appropriately fit the events. However, just like the framerate issue with the visuals, the game’s soundtrack kept skipping during gameplay. This was aggravating to experience as the tunes in-game aren’t that bad to listen to. The weird issue the game had was that when playing with the PS Move, there was no music playing at all. This was entirely baffling to witness.

Replay Value: 2/5

There is some replay value here if you’re aiming for trophies/achievements and aim to nail a gold medal in every event. You can see all the levels and events the game has to offer within an hour or two. However if you are going for records and maintaining a top spot, then there’s some fun to be had here. Don’t expect the deepest replay value though.

Overall Score: 8/20 = 4.0 out of 10

Motionsports Adrenaline is an incredibly underwhelming game. The premise is there but the execution is poor. The game is riddled with framerate issues and sound bugs that are hard to ignore. When the game is retailing for $50, you would hope for at least a decent, fun title. Unfortunately, this is a game that feels more like an early downloadable title that could’ve been released for $10 at the most…and even then it’s a hard sell. If you’re looking for a new PS Move game, steer clear away from this. If you’re looking for a fun party game with friends, I still wouldn’t advise this as a reason to purchase it. This game is a rental at best and even then you can see everything the game has to offer within a day.


+ Skiing and Kayaking are decent fun

+ Online player challenges pop-up during events


– Numerous framerate drops

– Soundtrack skips around during gameplay

– Soundtrack shuts off when playing with PS Move

– Minimal replay value

– Rock Climbing is abysmal

– Way too overpriced

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Port Coming Exclusively to PS3

Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi announced some great news at a Capcom event held in Tokyo for the 15th anniversary of the Resident Evil/Biohazard franchise. PS3 owners might have missed out on the Resident Evil titles that released exclusively for the Wii. However, that’s about to change. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles will be coming to the PS3 with full PlayStation Move support and remastered in HD. It is titled Biohazard Chronicles HD in Japan.

While there was no announcement about a release to the US or Europe, it is Capcom we’re talking about here…it will reach overseas. Upon playing these titles on the Wii, I had a strong feeling that Capcom would bring these to the PS3, between the PlayStation Move peripheral and the unfortunate lackluster sales for RE: The Darkside Chronicles. Looks like I was right. Here’s hoping they offer a retail disc this time around as opposed to the RE4 and CV:X HD ports. Regardless, no release date was announced yet but you can be sure it will be sometime next year.

Excited to get your hands on Resident Evil Chronicles HD? Sound off in the comments below!

Resistance 3 Review (PS3)

Resistance 3 is a first-person shooter and is the third in the series developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony entertainment.  The game is a PS3 exclusive.

Story: 5/5

Resistance 3 picks up four years after the events of Resistance 2 and the death of Nathan Hale at the hands of Joseph Capelli.  It is now 1957, over 6 years since the invasion of the chimera on earth and 4 years since they have invaded America.  Joseph Capelli, now married and with a child, leads a group of weary underground survivors and soldiers who scavenge the land for food and supplies.  We find Joseph Capelli hiding out in Haven, Oklahoma in an underground rundown shelter. The intro gives the player a very unique look on how these people have been struggling to survive for years in hiding.  This is a distinctive and moody piece of scenery not normally seen in the previous installments. It is also the most tranquility the game ever displays.  Immediately you are charged into an intense showdown across brilliantly directed scenery with wind-swept autumnal streets clashing with the bloody battle that will ensue.  Compared to Nathan Hale, there is slight more depth in Joseph Capelli’s story both in narrative and emotion but not by much. Dialogue is slight and sporadic.  Insomniac conveys the story of Resistance visually, with gorgeous environments and meticulous details. During huge action sequences, you are reminded that civilization has been torn down around you, the memories of people living in these homes and stores and churches all breathe a life of their own. The fragile, threatened worlds of Bioshock and Fallout (games that harness their worlds to carry story and set the mood) have influenced the team at Insomniac a great deal.   Insomniac introduces a new idea and sequence towards the middle of the campaign that feels very different but in a good way. It’s a slight interlude that further carries the story positively by showing how horrific and uncivilized certain humans have gotten since the invasion.  This succeeds in adding to the overall sense of defeat and death that dwells into Resistance 3’s biosphere. This is the dreariest and loneliest entry in the series, one man who is bound by honor and loyalty trying to make a future for his wife and child possible.  When you eventually reach the final stages of the game the environments are mostly frozen, decrepit and populated with Chimera.  The winterish setting has large amounts of symbolism indicating the end of a story and the final stage of one’s life.  It is clear that Insomniac has had this story fleshed out for many years. Seeing the amount of work and detail that went into the story covering over 5 years of a war torn alien invasion on Earth is amazing.

Gameplay: 5/5

Playing as Joe Capelli through the campaign feels very similar to playing as Nathan Hale because both characters don’t talk very much at all, except Joe actually speaks during cut scenes. The Resistance series has always been known for their uniqueness in weapons and Resistance 3 defintely adds to that a great deal. This latest entry has some of the best weapons and secondary fire options in the whole series.  Resistance 3 is a first-person shooter that lets you annihilate your enemies in a variety of ways not seen in most games today.  Throughout the entire campaign you well be discovering new weapons all the way up till the last 30 minutes of the game.  And almost every weapon feels unique whether you’re decapitating enemies or shooting them with a toxic bubble that sends them into a vomit induced explosion, it’s all fun and fresh here.  Another wonderful addition to the game is the ability to upgrade each gun using a leveling up system (similar to Insomniac’s other franchise, Ratchet & Clank) that unlocks different abilities for each weapon.  The health system has changed again, almost similar to the first Resistance.  Health status is represented by the now-universal red bloody screen, however your health does not regenerate on its own which is a good thing.  For old school gamers, I prefer the struggle of looking for health packs. It’s moments where you’re low on health that helps create a much more intense survival experience.  The number of surprise moments in Resistance 3 are impressive, mainly the intense battle scenes which consist of small-scale firefights among the best in the series.  The interesting thing about R3 was the stark difference between the difficulties in the beginning of the game as opposed to the 2nd half of the game which is ramped up noticeably.   Resistance 3 also brings back co-op campaign for the main story, now playable online unlike the first installment.  No specially designed co-op auxiliary campaign here.  The mode is far, far better for it, no matter how unrealistic it may be to have both players doing the exact same things, playing as the very same character.  Playing co-op split-screen or online with a friend will make the campaign more enjoyable to many and further increasing the longevity of the game for those who do a second run through with a friend.  There is an online pass required to play this game for those of you planning on buying it used, just know you will have to purchase a pass via the PSN.  The single player campaign should take anyone playing on normal or hard anywhere from 7-10 hours depending on your FPS experience.

Graphics: 4/5

Resistance 2’s visuals were inconsistent at times with some bland levels (particularly Bryce Canyon) as well as a few others. Resistance 3 is an enormous leap forward, bringing some of the most distinctive graphics I’ve seen in an FPS. It’s not quite up to the best looking FPS’s category but it almost certainly has its own beauty, partly due to an excellent range of environments and some gorgeous landscapes. Resistance 3 introduces motion blur, a first in the series, which adds to the visuals and gorgeous lighting effects.  The larger action sequences stand out as some of the most impressive technical scenes on the console. Colossal Chimeran monsters look detailed and scary, adding to the realism being displayed at certain points.  However, there are some scenes that do glitch or look average.  Occasionally in CG cut scenes, characters facial animations seem a bit stiff for 2011 and some dialogue not matching with the characters lips can make you scratch your head at times.  At other times while playing in-game, certain character designs visually can be plain looking and stiff facially.

Sound: 4/5

The game does a fantastic job with both weapon and special effects sounds.  The music is brilliantly orchestrated, conveying desolation and a final stand against a dying civilization.  In particular, the main menu’s theme is reminiscent of Mafia 2’s main theme, which is a great thing.  The voice acting however, ranges from average to good depending on the characters.  Joe Capelli, the protagonist as I mentioned earlier, just doesn’t talk throughout the game except for cut scenes, which is strange especially when the NPC’s are speaking directly at him.  It is clear that Insomniac’s still struggling as they did in the first two games (with the mute Nathan Hale) to flesh out the main character a bit more.

Overall: 18/20 = 9/10

Resistance 3 is a great improvement over Resistance 2 and worthy successor to Resistance: Fall of Man. It’s a well-crafted, enticing game for fans of the series coupled with the battles and intensity that fans have come to love and expect.


+Gameplay is fun and addicting, with a variety of weapons and features

+Attention to environment and musical detail is top notch

+The most personal and emotional story of the series also makes it the best of the series


-Voice acting varies often from good strong dialogue to some really weak and dull lines

-Joe Capelli is mute in-game like Nathan Hale

Time Crisis 4: Arcade Edition Trophy Guide

Time Crisis 4: Arcade Edition was the first trophy guide I wrote on PS3Trophies.org and I would like to share it with you fans on Gamers Xtreme.  Being a big fan of the Time Crisis games, I was determined to nail 100% of the trophies and apparently did so before many others (due to many people not knowing what the “hidden” trophies were).  Check out the guide below for all the help you may need in nabbing every trophy!

Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 10 (3,6,1)
Online: N/A
Approximate time to 100%: 3-6 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3+
Glitched trophies: None
Missable trophies: None
Do cheat codes disable trophies? N/A

Road Map

Welcome to the Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version trophy guide. This game is bundled with Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Time Crisis 4 is a light gun shooter that has a simple cover-and-shoot mechanic. There’s a bit of variety where the game throws “mini-missions” which are essentially a specific scenario that last between 30-40 seconds. These scenarios usually consist of protecting your territory or escaping “Terror Bites” (you’ll find out what those are when you play the game  ). The trophies are very straight forward and shouldn’t take too long to get 100%. You don’t have to play through Ranking Mode for any of the trophies.

Some tips for playing the game: The enemy soldier that are in “red” suits are much more likely to get a clean shot at you as opposed to the normal “grey” soldiers and ammo-filled “yellow” soldiers. You’ll notice that the game gives you a split second heads up that an enemy is about to hit you direct when the bullet, axe or grenade are highlighted in “red”. Don’t forget this because this is difference between life and death…in the game of course, I’m pretty sure this stuff wouldn’t be highlighted in “red” in real life . The “grey” soldiers can occasionally get a shot at you (depending on difficulty) but as long as you shoot everyone that pops up on the screen, you should be fine. The “yellow” soldiers are great, they can rarely hit you and when you shoot them, you get ammo for one of your sub-weapons (machine gun, shotgun and grenade). Every enemy can be shot up to 3 times after killing them (kind of like a juggle in a sense). You keep your combo meter up this way, get more points and shooting the “yellow” soldiers 3 times will net you 3 pieces of ammo as opposed to one.

In terms of a weapon breakdown, your 4 weapons are the handgun, machine gun, shotgun and grenade. The handgun has infinite ammo but has 9 bullets per clip before you have to take cover to reload. The machine gun can carry up to 300 bullets and there’s no reloading for this gun. Shotgun can carry up to 30 shells and is an excellent way to take care of stronger enemies up close, no reloading. The grenade has a capacity of 5 but it essentially obliterates anything that stands in your way, highly recommended for boss battles or to get out of a tight situation, no reloading.

Step 1: First Playthrough
You can choose to play either Free-Play or Ranking Mode for your first playthrough. I personally found Ranking Mode to be the easiest way to complete the game the first time through since you get 9 continues to go through the game as opposed to 3 continues in Free-Play. However, if you choose Free-Play mode, you earn an extra continue each time you do game over. When you complete the game, you automatically unlock 9 Health bars and Unlimited Continues. There’s really no difference between the Giorgio and Evan except for different perspectives you’ll see the action in.

Step 2: Clean Up
After completing the game once, follow the trophies tips I left below and you’ll be able to get all the trophies in no time.

Finished Game (Giorgio) 
Finish a one player game with Giorgio.Self-explanatory. Just beat the game once with Giorgio on either Free-Play or Ranking Mode. However if you die and do game over mid-game, do not stage select to where you left off. The trophy will not unlock, you need to finish it in one sitting. Thanks to “Crazyaejay” for pointing that out. Finished Game (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan.Self-explanatory. Just beat the game once with Evan on either Free-Play or Ranking Mode. Same as Finished Game (Giorgio). Finished Game (Two Players) 
Finish a two player game with Giorgio and Evan.

See Ultimate Duo

 Sharpshooter (Giorgio) 
Finish a one player game with Giorgio with a score of 3500000 points or more.

This trophy should be attained on the second playthrough if you didn’t get it on your first. Once you have the infinite handgun unlocked for beating the game once, just keep blasting away at every enemy! A good way to rack up more points is to constantly fire at the bosses, even when they can’t take any damage (when their health bar is brown-ish). A breakdown of points should be 1.5 million after stage 1, 2.6 million after stage 2 and then you should be able to get 3.5 million at the end of the game. Accuracy and speed are key to getting this trophy.

 Sharpshooter (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan with a score of 3500000 points or more.

Same as Sharpshooter (Giorgio) but you’ll notice that during Stage 1-2, you’ll probably earn a little less points than if you were Giorgio due to the fact that you’re firing a missile launcher instead of a heavy machine gun so it’ll take less hits to destroy enemies. However on Stage 3-1, it will be the opposite since Evan uses a heavy machine gun this time and Giorgio would use the missile launcher.

 Speedster (Giorgio) 
Finish a one player game with Giorgio in 31 min. or less.

You should be able to do this automatically when going for the Sharpshooter (Giorgio) trophy. If not, then you didn’t shoot at everything fast enough evidently…remember, if it moves, SHOOT IT! 

 Speedster (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan in 31 min. or less.

See also Speedster (Giorgio). It’s the same concept, shoot everything the second you see them. The faster you are, the faster the game advances.

Secret Trophies

Top Agent (Giorgio) 

Finish a one player game with Giorgio without using any continues

The best way to complete this trophy is to have the Speedster (Giorgio) and Sharpshooter (Giorgio) trophies done first. The reason I say that is because you will unlock Infinite Sub-Weapon Ammo doing so. Yes, that means infinite machine-gun, shotgun and grenades! Using the machine gun is the safest gun to use as opposed to grenades and shotgun. The reason is the shotgun has a slow fire-rate and the grenades can occasionally get you hit because the explosions on-screen can make you not see a bullet, grenade or axe flying at you to dodge in time.

This trophy can be obtained in Free-Play mode. However, make sure you are playing Free-Play:One Player, not Free-Play:Two Player mode. I highly recommend that you set your Health to “9” and Difficulty to “Very Easy” to get this as easily as possible.

Top Agent (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan without using any continues

See also Top Agent (Giorgio). Just follow the same guidelines I gave above and you’ll nab this trophy in no time.

Ultimate Duo 
Finish a two player game with Giorgio and Evan without using any continues

This might sound like a pain but it’s actually really easy. If you have a second player who’s really good and you guys want to actually earn this the old-fashion way, be my guest. Personally, I found an alternative to get this on my own.

Select Free-Play:Two Players, set the Health to “9” and Difficulty to “Very Easy”. Now for the second player controller, change the “Reload Setting” to “Release” in the “Control Settings” menu. This way the second player can’t get out of “cover” unless they hold down the button. Now just play the game and focus on doing everything yourself while the second player does nothing but stay in cover not taking any damage.

Now here’s the good and bad side to this. The good side: is if your character is about to die, pause the game, switch the “Control Settings” for you controller to make you stay in cover as mentioned above. Then switch the controls for player 2 to your liking and you have a whole extra set of health to work with! The bad side: all enemies that have a health bar take double the hits to go down in Two Player mode.

PlayStation Move Heroes Review (PS3)

Playstation Move Heroes is an action adventure game developed by Nihilistic Software and published by Sony for the Playstation 3 while utilizing the Playstation Move. It is a crossover from the Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper game franchises.

Story: 2/5

The story begins when all 6 characters (Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly and Bentley) are transported from their respective worlds through a wormhole to an unknown planet. There, they meet two aliens who tell them that they have been chosen to participate in a tournament. Though all 6 characters are confused about the situation and briefly dispute amongst themselves, they agree to participate. However, the aliens are up to no good and have a plan of their own. During the tournament, our protagonists need to free little aliens called the Whibbles, and the further you progress, the more the story unfolds. Now I‘ve always liked the idea of taking characters out of their surroundings and throwing them into crossover stories, so I didn’t mind the limited plot involved, but others looking for a more in-depth storyline will be disappointed. Essentially, I realized that this is more of a pick-up-and-play party game, but the developers tried to reason why these characters from other worlds are together. It works, but barely. The dialogue is sometimes humorous, but oftentimes not as charming as the characters are known to be.

Gameplay: 3/5

The game is played using the Move Navigator and Controller, and doesn’t give you the option to play with a Dualshock. So if you don’t have a Move, you’re out of luck, but in defense, the game IS called Playstation Move Heroes, and was made specifically for the device. As far as controls go, the Move is responsive and almost entirely accurate. You will find moments where movement is a little stiff, but it doesn’t damage the overall feel for the game. The game features both single-player and two player co-op multiplayer, and has more than 50 levels that range from 5 different game modes: Disc, Whip, Bowling, Projectile, and Melee. The Disc is a Frisbee style game where the character throws the disc in order to strike your targets to achieve the objective. This mini-game worked well and was fun to play. The Whip is an energy weapon (similar to the weapon in the Ratchet and Clank series) that characters use to destroy enemies in order to free the Whibbles. The Move controller worked okay, but out of all the mini-games, I felt that the controls could have been more responsive. Bowling requires your character to throw a ball down various ramps to their destination, and was enjoyable to play in all its different obstacles. Projectiles is a mini-game where your character uses an assortment of guns to obliterate enemies while either protecting Whibbles long enough for the timer to end, or free them from their rocket cages. Melee is similar to Projectiles whereas instead of guns, you use either Sly’s Cane, Ratchet’s Wrench or Jak’s Gunstaff. These sections also provide a power move allowing each character to use a special that reflects their respective game franchise (Ratchet’s disco ball, Jak’s dark eco, Sly’s thief time). The Projectile mini-games were the more enjoyable of the two, as it got tiring to swing your weapon during the Melee sections. All three worlds are incorporated into the game, with the final world being the Whibbles home planet. Essentially, the Move Controller works well, but can be perfected a bit more for this type of game play.

Graphics: 3/5

The Ratchet and Clank games are known for their superior graphics, and as Jak and Sly are rumored to appear on the PS3 console soon, I expect them to be given the same graphical treatment as their exceptional Playstation 2 predecessors. Playstation Move Heroes is a step down from the latest Ratchet and Clank Future games, but that doesn’t mean they look bad. The characters look great, but the environments are bland and don’t offer a lot to the game.

Sound: 3/5

As you play, you’ll notice sound effects taken from the other characters game series, as well as some familiar tunes, but there is nothing that stands out. The sound effects and music are decent, but nothing that will stand out.

Overall: 11/20 = 5.5/10

Playstation Move Heroes is a fun co-op game and handles the Move Controller well, but there isn’t enough content in this game to make you come back for more.


+Some good mini-games that are fun to play in short sessions


-Mediocre Story

-Controls are unresponsive for some events