NYCC 2012: “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” PS Vita Gameplay Footage (Off-Screen)

During our NYCC 2012 coverage, we were able to test out Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the PS Vita and I provided a hands-on for it yesterday. We were able to capture some off-screen gameplay footage of what you can expect the PS Vita version to look like. Here it is:

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NYCC 2012: “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” PS Vita Hands-On Preview

At the PlayStation booth at NYCC, they had a solid amount of PS Vita titles to try out and one particular game that I’ve been eager to see in action was Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Being a massive fan of Criterion Games, I’ve been looking forward to seeing how the portable version of their upcoming title was turning out. So far, it’s looking like a solid racing game on the go.

It’s clear that Criterion knows what they’re doing when it comes to racing games. They’ve done exceptionally well with the Burnout series and did a fantastic job rebooting Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit back in 2010. Firing up NFS: Most Wanted on the PS Vita, I was able to easily acclimate to the controls. You’ll use the R button to accelerate, L button to brake, Circle button to cut sharper turns with the e-brake and X button to hit the nitrous; basically your standard racing controls. Taking on one of the races, you’ll be treated to an opening cutscene showcasing the environment, followed by yourself driving to the race. Mechanically, the game feels incredibly tight. Car handling isn’t as arcady or loose as Burnout’s, but it’s not as stiff as NFS: Hot Pursuit’s. It falls right in the middle and takes only seconds to get used to. The AI was pretty competent in the race I held and even making a few errors, I was always able to make a comeback but they were able to stay right behind me. This was definitely towards the beginning of the game though and I’m sure the difficulty ramps up later as errors will cause you to barely get a chance at a comeback.

After the race, the game seamlessly transferred to the open-world environment without any loading what-so-ever. This impressed me, especially for a handheld title, and further proved that Criterion has a very talented team. They didn’t try to cut corners on the portable version. From here, you’re able to press Right on the D-Pad and open up your “Easy Drive” menu. The menu gives you access to other races to initiate, starting multiplayer sessions, options, friends, etc., all in real-time. A cool feature they added is the ability to start a race from Easy Drive. You’re not forced to drive to a location to start a race, giving it a much smoother pacing. Again though, this is completely optional and you can take your time to explore the environment while heading to the next event.

Visually, the game looks pretty solid with a nice draw distance of the environments. The textures aren’t ultra-rich like those on the console version but the PS Vita doesn’t replicate exact console graphics, it does close to it. When I crashed the car, it showed dents in the areas that collided and when you reset on the track, the damage remained on the vehicle the whole time. It’s also worth mentioning that the game runs at 30fps (frames per second) like NFS: Hot Pursuit did on PS3/360 and not 60fps like the Burnout series did. In terms of audio, the soundtrack sounded crisp but the sound effects were a bit compressed. They were still solid but definitely stood out as the weaker aspect of my first impressions.

The build I played was definitely the final version, as I even unlocked a trophy during my first race event I did. However, I left there happy to say that the PS Vita version is not getting the short end of the stick and will be a very competent version to consider looking into. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is set for release on October 30th for the PC, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360. In the meantime, check out the gameplay footage we captured here!

Are you interested in NFS: Most Wanted? If so, which version(s) are you getting? Sound off in the comments below!

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Now Supports PS Move, PS Move Racing Wheel and Kinect

Criterion Games is prepping up the release for their highly-anticipated reboot of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and it seems the console versions are getting a little extra features. According to the latest box art revealed for the game, the PS3 version will have PS Move support, as well as support from the PS Move Racing Wheel that’s slated to release alongside LittleBigPlanet Karting. The Xbox 360 version appears to have Kinect integration as well. Aside from taking a photo of yourself, not much is known as to how it will affect the gameplay with the Kinect.

Now with PS Move support

Now with Kinect Support

While at NYCC, there was a PS Vita build that we’ll be providing our hands-on for soon so stay tuned for that. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is slated for release on October 30th for the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360.

What do you guys think about the support for PS Move and Kinect? Sound off in the comments below!

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