Need For Speed: Rivals Gets a Date For PS4 & Xbox One


Need For Speed: Rivals has finally been dated for next-gen consoles. For weeks now, we have known that the current-generation versions would release on November 19th. However, today it was finally revealed that the PS4 and X1 version’s will debut on November 22nd. This day also marks the launch of the X1 as well. This will also mark the first game that Ghost Games will be releasing a title (they are a new team within EA Sweden). For a full description of the game from a company rep, see below.

Need for Speed Rivals puts gamers behind the wheel of both sides of the law, daring them to cross the line as either a cop or racer in order to gain any advantage in the street’s ultimate rivalry. Players will choose between two distinct career experiences, each with their own set of high-stakes challenges, rewards, pursuit tech and cars. The intensity of the action is at an all-time high thanks to AllDrive, a revolutionary new feature that destroys the line between single player, co-op and multiplayer. Through AllDrive, friends will be seamlessly connected to one racing world where their races and chases can collide at any time, creating the ultimate edge-of-your seat experience.

[via segmentnext]