Top 10 Most Entertaining PS4 Platinum Trophies

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When it comes to the trophy system, let’s face it, there’s nothing like the hook of hearing that “ding” sound when you earn a trophy. Furthermore, there’s something really gratifying about earning a platinum trophy for a game knowing that you completed the game more or less to its entirety (depending on what the trophy list entails). Now, this list is not about which games are the quickest and/or easiest platinum trophies to earn (we’ll save that for another time), this is about the games that were the most entertaining to grab the platinum trophies for. Each game listed will also mention the “Most Difficult Trophy” that may pose a moment that may take away from the “entertaining” aspect of earning the platinum. With that being said, here are the top 10 most entertaining platinum trophies to earn.

10) Strider


Capcom resurrected Strider Hiryu with his own game courtesy of Double Helix games. Bringing about Metroidvania gameplay, the game itself is actually one of the better PSN titles for the PS4. Nice visuals, great gameplay and an awesome soundtrack all help make this a really enjoyable game, and one that you’ll enjoy grabbing the platinum for.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Speed Demon”

Now Strider is the type of game where a chunk of trophies are collectibles-based. However, as irritating as those can become due to a somewhat shoddy map system, it’s not necessarily “difficult”. Now this particular trophy mentioned in the title has you aiming to beat the game from start to finish in under 4 hours. It’s actually completely doable on your first playthrough (and if you want to be daring like I was, do this while on Hard mode for the first playthrough). Just be aware that going for this trophy means you’ll not have a lot of upgrades to work with. Just keep moving and focus solely on progressing the story.

9) Need for Speed Rivals

NFS Rivals

When the PS4 launched November 2013, one of the more engaging games to release was Need for Speed Rivals. While the series has had its ups-and-downs, EA Ghost did a superb job creating an adrenaline-fueled racing title in a suitable open-world. Tight mechanics, solid visuals, and great audio design that all led to addictive gameplay. Now the trophy list isn’t all too difficult, as you will earn a good chunk of the trophies just casually playing the game. An interesting aspect is that a majority of stipulation trophies require driving Ford manufactured vehicles…and while many may think that’s odd or lazy, I thought it was fine racing a Mustang around for some trophies. Also, the movie (which was surprisingly quite good and probably the best video game based movie) focused heavily on the Shelby Mustang, so it’s fitting. The only trophy-grinding will be to reach Rank 60 for both the Racer and Cop campaign, but ranking up takes anywhere between 3-25 minutes on average, the higher ranks taking about 25 minutes naturally. Honestly, the game is just plain fun and chances are you’ll be hooked into it enough to aim for the platinum.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Bigger Points”

The catch with this trophy is that you have to net 500,000 points in a single session out on the road. What is the difficult part to it? If you lose all your health or get busted, you lose all the points you were accruing in that session. The best tip for this one is to stay near a gas station to repair and replenish your vehicle, while causing mayhem there.

8) Infamous First Light


In the standalone expansion to inFamous Second Son, First Light has you experiencing the events that unfolded for Fetch prior to Delsin’s story. All held within the city of Seattle, the game added a battle arena mode that tied into the story. It was an excellent standalone expansion and one that many may have gotten for free a few months ago via PlayStation Plus. The trophy list is pretty straightforward and unlike Second Son, you don’t have to play the game on Expert to work your way to a platinum.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Perfectionist”

Again, nothing too difficult but the one that may take the longest to achieve out of the list. The game has a whole list of challenges to complete that you can view in the pause menu. It’s not as daunting as other games’ challenge lists so completing this shouldn’t take too long.

7) Infamous Second Son

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 2

Next up is one of best exclusives on the PS4, inFamous Second Son. This installment has players assuming control of Delsin, a delinquent punk part of a Native American tribe that becomes imbued with conduit powers. While fans found this installment to feature less content than previous ones in the series, I personally found Second Son to be the best in the series hands-down. Excellent story, great visuals, energetic soundtrack and addictive gameplay, inFamous Second Son is an amazing PS4 game that’s very entertaining to platinum in the process.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Unstoppable”

This trophy requires that you complete the game from the very beginning on Expert difficulty. Honestly, the game isn’t much harder on Expert at all, so playing through this on your first play through shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Just evade combat whenever that screen becomes colorless to recover health and then jump back into the action. The main scene that’ll challenge you on Expert will be the final boss battle, but stick with it and you’ll eventually succeed.


6) Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2

Now here is a sleeper hit released on the PSN, Riptide GP2. Developed by Vector Unit, the game is a hybrid of Hydro Thunder and Wave Race that was originally released on iOS and Android devices, followed by Xbox One, and now PS4. This extremely affordable $6.99 game is actually really engaging and addictive, with each event taking about 1-3 minutes to complete. There’s no online play so no need to worry about online trophies, but the game does support 4-player split-screen for those who miss the days of local multiplayer. Also worth noting, the game runs at a smooth 60 fps. The trophies are very straightforward and won’t require much effort other than getting first place in every single event. Thankfully, because the events are so quick, replaying any events was far from a chore.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Destructive Tendencies”

While getting first place in every event may prove a bit challenging at times without the proper upgraded vehicle, this particularly trophy is the one that’s more luck-based. This trophy requires you to takedown a bridge in the Factory Shift event. The challenge here is hitting the water with the right speed and position to bounce off a wave and collide into the bridge. This one may take a few tries, but save it for last as having better upgraded vehicles will make this slightly easier. There’s also a strong chance you may get this in the middle of an event.

5) Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Saints Row IV Re-Elected

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is a upscaled version of the 2013 release, but man is it still a ton of fun to play. While the Saints Row games have gotten crazier and more over-the-top, it’s very refreshing to have an open-world game that ditches realism and is more focused on plain fun. While returning to Steelport in a simulated environment, you’ll have superpowers like Super Sprint, Gliding, Fire and Ice Blast, Telekinesis, etc…and that’s just plain awesome. To make the game even more entertaining is co-oping the entire game online with a buddy. By far one of the most entertaining, over-the-top games to not only play, but platinum as well.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Fourth and Forty”

This game’s trophy list doesn’t require playing on a hard difficulty, nor does it have any difficult stipulations. However, the most grind worthy trophy is to play the game for a total of 40 hours. The problem with this trophy is that honestly, I had 100% game completion and all the other trophies in 25 hours. This forced me to just leave the system and game on for another 15 hours just for the trophy to pop and earn my platinum.

4) The Order: 1886

The Order 1886

If there’s one game that I’ll disagree with the masses about, it’s The Order: 1886. While the game is more of an interactive narrative with some gunplay sequences, the game was incredibly engrossing. Rich atmosphere, solid gunplay, cool weapons, great story and absolutely stunning visuals. While the game doesn’t take long to complete, it’s a must-play experience. The trophy list is also very reasonable, easy to platinum, and more importantly, very entertaining in the process.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Inspector First Class”

This trophy requires that you examine each and every item in the game. Now most of the items are very easy to find as they’re usually in front of your path. However, some items may not be as upfront in view. The thing is though, there’s no way to check all the items you’ve found or inspected (except for cylinders). Despite that though, this really is simple enough to YouTube a video guide for to make sure you see which ones don’t look familiar to the ones you found during your playthrough.

3) Dust: An Elysian Tail

Dust An Elysian Tail

If there’s one indie that has stood out tremendously for me on the PS4, it’s Dust: An Elysian Tail. The game is a superb 2D action-platformer that takes Metroidvania elements, and provides players with a smooth, robust, and fluid combat system. Mixing beautiful visuals and excellent audio to the overall package makes the game an absolute must-play on its own. Thanks to how enjoyable the game is, the trophy list is also very entertaining to tackle as well. If you haven’t played Dust: An Elysian Tail yet, I strongly advise doing so.

Most Difficult Trophy = “The Stuff of Legends”

Dust’s trophy list isn’t necessarily easy, but as mentioned, thanks to it being an immensely enjoyable game, it greatly helps make going for the platinum entertaining. While you will have to play the game on at least Tough difficulty, the true challenge will be earning four stars in every single challenge arena. These challenge arenas will test your skills to the limit, taking down enemies with finesse, dodging obstacles as safely as possible and all doing so as fast as possible. This will be the main trophy to go for that may provide the most challenge, but does not make the game any less entertaining.


2) Resogun


The PS4’s flagship launch-day game that was reason alone to be excited to own the system. Resogun, developed by the masterminds over at Housemarque, struck platinum (pun intended) by providing all new PS4 owners with a game so intense, so engergetic, and so addictive, you can’t help but platinum it. Resogun is a brilliant pickup-and-play game that really is hard to put down. The game is a real challenge on the harder difficulties, and you will have to complete Expert mode to earn the platinum, but it’s immensely satisfying and entertaining.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike”

Let me get this out of the way, there are a few trophies here in Resogun that would qualify as difficult, whether it’s to save all humans, beat the game on Expert, or complete the game without losing all lives. However, the one mentioned in the title above is for true masters of the game. You will have to complete one level on Master difficulty (which is unlocked after beating Expert). Master will have you really tested as every single enemy you destroy will fire bullets back at you upon explosion. It becomes the definition of “bullet hell”.


1) Bloodborne


And now, for the holy chalice of PS4 games, the game that truly stands as the PS4’s finest game, Bloodborne. From Software truly showcased a game that had hype surrounding it, and exceeded everyone’s expectations. It takes what Souls fans are familiar with, changes up some elements to make it feel very unique, and provides people with a game that’s made for hardcore, masochistic audiences. Now how is one of the PS4’s most difficult games the most entertaining to go grab a platinum for? Well for starters, this is a game you will be so deeply engrossed in, you will want to see everything the game has to offer. This means exploring every area, tackling all bosses, going through Chalice Dungeons, and then…oh wait, you’ll get the platinum basically. In all seriousness, a majority of Bloodborne’s trophies are based on the bosses you defeat, specific items you find and which endings you get. This game is a masterpiece and one that will consume a lot of your time both cursing the game off and applauding it as one of the most amazing games ever made.

Most Difficult Trophy = “Rom, the Vacuous Spider”

Out of all the bosses and trophies the game contains, there’s one mandatory boss that drove me up a wall for a solid week straight, Rom. This boss battle is one that is so absurdly difficult, that every boss afterwards was practically a pushover, no joke.

What are your most enjoyable PS4 games you have platinumed? Have you earned any of these? Sound off in the comments below!

inFamous Second Son Review (PS4): “A Next-Gen Masterpiece”

inFamous Second Son Wallpaper

inFamous Second Son is the third installment in the inFamous series. Unlike most superpower games, you don’t play as the traditional superhero. A once normal human being, you play as Delsin Rowe, new to the whole “conduit powers thing”. You can choose to take the path of righteousness, giving a good name to all conduits and gifted alike; or you can choose to abuse your powers, reign hell upon the city you inhabit and strike fear into the hearts of civilians. Do you have what it takes to handle the responsibility that comes with superpowers? Does inFamous Second Son have what it takes to be the superpower behind the PS4’s game lineup?

Story: 5/5

InFamous Second Son takes place 7 years after the events of inFamous 2. Cole MacGrath is no longer in the picture and instead you take control of Delsin Rowe, a vigilante troublemaker who’s got a good heart and a lot of spray paint. Delsin, with his cop brother Reggie, belong to the Akomish tribe living on the outskirts of Seattle. The world is well aware of conduits, or “bio-terrorists”, after the events that occurred in inFamous 1 & 2, and they are not exactly welcome anymore. A special government division called the Department of Unified Protection (or DUP) runs a campaign against conduits, rounding them up like prisoners so that the rest of the world can live in harmony and safety. A special convoy carrying three highly dangerous conduits is driving through the Akomish territory, only a quick opportunity quickly finds the vehicle relieved of its inhabitants in a terrible crash. Viewing the accident, Delsin and Reggie quickly run to help, not knowing the danger that awaits them; and when Delsin gets too close to one of the trapped prisoners, he gets more than he intended. Coming into contact with one of the prisoners, Delsin seems to absorb his superpower, transforming him into something the whole world feared.

With a new arsenal of tricks, Delsin realizes he just gained a huge target on his head and aims to hunt down the prisoner to get him to undo the transformation. Before Delsin can get any useful information out of him however, the DUP arrives. Augustine, the head of the DUP quickly apprehends the prisoner and begins questioning Delsin over how he got so close to him and what he might have told him. When Delsin refuses to co-operate, he is quickly taken down a notch and immobilized. With no way to fight back, and without any credible information to satisfy Augustine, she turns her efforts towards the tribe, torturing every person for answers that may not even exist until she is satisfied.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 1

When Delsin learns of Augustine’s tyranny, he vows revenge and the turn of his people to good health. Together with Reggie, he sets out to learn how to use his powers and build his arsenal even more until he can rectify everything that’s happened.

Second Son has a certain realism about it that truly pulls you in and makes you believe everything could actually happen. Conduits are not normal, and therefore not accepted, even Delsin knows and realizes this in his struggle to control his abilities. The entire time you never take your powers for granted, constantly being reminded that whatever it is you’re doing – it’s awesome – something not often focused on in many “superhero” games.

Returning in Second Son is inFamous’ karma system; a system that rewards you for performing either good or evil deeds. This branches so far as to tie its way directly and majorly into the main story line. You’ll have multiple opportunities to drastically alter the way the game ends, truly adding to the experience of making the game how you want to play it (not to mention replay value). With each event, you really get sucked into the feeling of “what I do matters”, allowing you to easily get emotionally involved into the story.

These small, yet consequential aspects really bring the story to life. Throughout the entire game, you will meet new people and develop relationships that you can grow or separate with, depending on how you choose to play. With the addition of having a truly down-to-earth evil antagonist, Second Son really hits the mark on delivering a story you will remember and yearn to complete. Even after one playthrough, you’ll immediately want to go back and find out what happens if you decide to play the other way.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 2

Gameplay: 5/5

Second Son utilizes previously installed gameplay mechanics from its predecessors. You have powers that evolve based upon your karma to become more deadly and effective. Alongside of a ranged attack, you also have melee, a special ability and some different ways of getting around (who walks anymore?). However, whereas before you would play the entire game to acquire all the different types of abilities, you’re now given each ability basically as soon as you earn the power. At first, this feels a little cheap, like the game is spoon feeding you. However, as you progress through the story, you find that there is a lot withheld from you, and each newly gained power changes the way in which you play – just when you get used to a certain style, you’re given more options and suddenly you’re right back into learning and more excitement!

Enemies seem to have a certain intelligence about them. Take on a group and they’ll fight relentlessly, but get one alone and he’d rather put down his weapon and surrender. There are different rankings of enemies, from standard minions, to elites, to (of course) boss fights. Each has their worth and will make you strategize before you jump (or comet drop) right in. Even though you have super powers, you’re not invincible, something you’ll be reminded of repeatedly on expert mode.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 3

Besides the normal missions that pit you against waves of enemies, have you tracking a cell phone, or investigating a crime scene, there are a few side missions you can do throughout the mid-sized map of Seattle. Labelled on the mini-map, these vary from an extremely clever and enjoyable spray painting session to tracking bonus story audio files. Most of these are also karmic actions that will help you progress your powers, adding even more value to their worth. Speaking of spray painting sessions, the mechanic is brilliantly utilized. You’ll hold the DualShock 4 vertically and shake the controller as if it were the spray can, then press down the R2 button to spray away while using the motion sensor to aim the cursor. Also on the mini-map are blast shards, which are basically the in-game currency required to “buy” an upgrade. Past installments have had you racing all over the large map searching for any hidden location the blast shards could be held. In Second Son however, they’re all displayed nicely for you on the map, just so long as you can infiltrate a DUP stronghold, clear it of all enemies and destroy the tank-sized recon station in the middle of the district. You’ll not only earn a respawn point, but all the locations of the blast shards and side missions in the area.

While it would have been nice to have a bit more variety in the capabilities of each specific power as seen in past inFamous games, the end game result of owning multiple powers and how they are utilized is enough to make you feel like a god amongst ants.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 5

Graphics: 5/5

inFamous Second Son sets the new benchmark for graphics on next-gen. From amazing sunsets, to incredible detail on buildings and uniforms, Second Son truly delivers on the wow factor. One of the things that sets games apart is how fluid they are; luckily Second Son stays consistent with its quality, offering the same beautiful images from gameplay to cutscenes, back to gameplay again. Some of the best facial expressions in any game can be seen here, which takes the emotional connection of the events to a whole new level. While fluid and normal body gestures and reactions remind you that these are actual people, you’ll consistently be stunned at how well the small things look. One of the most impressive aspects is the particle control throughout the game. Every time you absorb a power or attack, you get the glorious display of a million independent particles, without any loss to framerate or quality ever. While I had a small personal issue with the smoothness of some of the faces, I never once felt like I had played a game with better graphical quality.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 4

Sound: 5/5

It’s been a while since I’ve played a game with such an upbeat soundtrack, I forgot what music could really do to you while you game. inFamous Second Son really embraces the idea that you’re playing in current day, as a sort of punk kid, and transcribes it into music to embrace the situations. Heavy guitar tracks and thick rock accompanies you destroying a group of DUP agents, and melodic and subtle rhythms help capture the ambiance of the city at night. Gunfire will easily direct you to where you’re being assaulted from, and the clever effects of different powers being utilized remind you that what you’re capable of is truly dangerous. Citizens will applaud or disdain you based upon your karma and you will react when necessary. However, the most impressive and immersive quality of the entire game that seems to know no bounds, wrapping its pervasive hands around you in an unfailing attempt to make you feel, is the voice acting. From the causal sly remarks and the sympathetic care of a brother, to the power driven revenge of a loved one, you will never forget that this game has people in it. Not characters, people.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay 6

Overall Score: 20/20 = 10 out of 10 

inFamous Second Son is the game we’ve been waiting for on next-gen. With amazing graphics, sound quality and a perfectly executed story, Sucker Punch has truly delivered. The platinum trophy won’t take you long to achieve, but you’ll enjoy every second of it. The immersion of the player into the game is hard to match and you’ll easily find yourself getting tied up in the addictive quest of becoming the strongest conduit that’s ever lived. You won’t need to have played the last 2 games to understand and enjoy this story, so this is a great time to get involved in the series.


+ Voice acting is impeccable on all parts

+ Graphics remain top quality consistently without hindrance to game

+ Super powers are awesome and everyone knows it!

+ Story can essentially be what you make it


– I wanted more to do after I spend ~25+ hours playing (luckily there’s DLC being released each week for 6 weeks)

inFamous Second Son was purchased by the reviewer and tested for the PlayStation 4 system.

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