DriveClub “Targeting” 60 Frames Per Second By Launch


In an interview with Videogamer, DriveClub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky from Evolution Studios discussed their 60 frames per second target.

“So the build that you’ll be seeing on the show floor at Gamescom is locked at 30 [FPS]. We’re still aiming towards [60 FPS]. We’re still in development. We’ve still got a few months to go.

We’ve built the physics systems and all the light systems so that they can cope with potentially any frame rate. We didn’t want to lock ourselves down early on. We wanted to give ourselves some flexibility with that in mind, so we’ve got the option potentially.”

DriveClub is Evolution Studios highly-anticipated racing game coming to the PS4 on launch day. All PlayStation Plus members will be receiving “DriveClub PS+ Edition” for free upon launch day.

[Source: Videogamer]

Sony Gamescom 2013 Press Conference Breakdown; PS4 Release Date Officially November 15th

PS4 Console

Today has been a big day for news at Gamescom and Sony provided fans with a stunning conference to say in the least. Below is a compiled list of every important detail announced today, including new exclusives, plenty of PS Vita content, price drops and most importantly…the official release date of the PS4!

  • Opens with preview
    • Shows off PS4 UI and Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Starting with PS3
    • 8th year and still going
    • Gran Turismo 6 video
      • Release Date: Dec 6th 2013
      • New Movie based on GT in production
    • Little Big Planet Hub
      • Free to play for PS3
  • Vita
    • Mega Packs for PS Vita (Europe only), bundled with 8gb card or hardware bundle
    • Batman Arkham Origins
    • Lego Marvel
    • Football Manager
    • Borderlands 2
    • Price cut: $199 in NA and 199 Euros in EU
      • Price reduction of mem cards as well
    • 7 New IPs
      • Murasaki Baby
        • Touch controlled side-scroller
      • Big Fest – a Free to Play game
        • Manage a music festival
        • Features real unsigned bands
    • Indie devs on Vita
      • Easy to develop games
      • Sony loves Indie devs – they get along
    • Mark Cerny (lead system architect) takes the stage
    • PS4
      • Talks about hardware
      • PS4 helps support Indie devs
        • Self-publishing, financially, etc
    • New Indie titles making debut
      • Rouge Legacy – PS4 & PSV
      • Blinding of Isaac
        • PS+ members free
      • N++ loads of new content for PS4
        • Comes this winter
      • Volume exclusive debut to PS4 & PSV
      • Guns of Icarus Online debut of PS4
      • Wasteland Kings PS4 & PSV next year
      • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number coming exclusively to PS4 & PSV
    • Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule & Naughty Dog all working on titles for PS4
    • The Chinese Room’s new game “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”
      • CryEngine 3
      • Apocalyptic Theme
    • Tequila Work’s (known for Deadlight on XBLA) new game: Rime
    • Hell Divers
      • Co-op squad based shooter
      • PS3/PS4/PSV
      • Futuristic
      • Overhead shooter
    • Resogun
      • From devs of Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation (Housemarque)
      • Cylindrical Super Stardust (compared to spherical)
    • Shadow of the Beast – a reimagining
      • Only on PS4
    • Recap of some of the titles we’ve seen at E3
      • The PlayRoom
        • Pre-installed on every PS4 at launch
      • InFamous Second Son
        • New trailer
        • Shows absorption of other conduits
      • Killzone: Shadow Fall
        • Launch title
        • MP footage
          • Warzone returns
            • Lots of customizable options (like KZ2)
          • Custom and Official matches
    • Twitch coming to PS4
      • Spectate = livestream
    • Video and media services not hidden behind subscription
    • Easily listen to music behind games with Music Unlimited
    • PS+
      • Free 14-day trial to new PS4 owners
      • Assassin’s Creed 3 joining PS+
        • Sign up for 1yr via store, get free 3 months
    • 3rd party games at launch of PS4
      • PSV remote play
        • Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
        • Exclusive level to Playstation
      • Watch_Dogs Movie
      • Watch_Dogs on PS4
        • Exclusive 60 extra min for PS3/PS4
        • Costume and Buff exclusive as well
      • Minecraft at launch of PS4
      • War Thunder
        • MMO on PS4
        • Aerial warfare
    • $199 for 12GB PS3 in NA (same in EU)
    • CoD:Ghosts, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
      • Buy ps3 version, get ps4 version at discounted price within time frame
    • 32 country release
      • NA – 15th of Nov
      • EU – 29th of Nov

Radio Xtreme – Episode 29: “Gamescom Predictions, Vita Talk, and More”

Gamers Xtreme Logo Radio 340p

In this episode of Radio Xtreme, Glacier928 and VengefulTorture discuss their GamesCom predictions, this upcoming week’s releases, the Killzone Mercenary beta, Castle of Illusion PS3 exclusive pre-order bonus, and much more!

Mass Effect 3 Squad Leader Video – What does it really show us?

Today marks the first day that we’ve seen new Mass Effect 3 footage since San Diego Comic Con. We’ve all been waiting eagerly, and Bioware had no intentions of denying us our Shepard fix.

In the press panel video released today, Bioware, following a brief introductory speech, showed a video trailer showcasing the player’s role as the “Squad Leader”. As Commander Shepard, you will bring two squad members into combat with you, and they can be commanded to execute a wide variety of strategies. In previous demonstrations, we saw how they could be ordered to flank enemies to attack weak spots, and to use their unique talents to disable dangerous enemies to make them easier to take out. In this video, it’s immediately apparent that the almost silent command system from Mass Effect 2 has been revamped; rather than simply point squad members to where to go and who to attack, Shepard will now explicitly tell squad mates where they should move to and take cover. In fact, squad banter seems to be at an all-time high, something that Bioware has promised to deliver on. Shepard and his team can be heard giving and accepting commands, updating the squad on targets and ability usage, and even reassuring compliments (“Nice”).

Next, Shepard is heard updating his team’s weapon selection to take on a new threat before sprinting to forward cover while Liara dispatches a Cerberus soldier with her biotic Throw. After Shepard takes out an enemy with a fiery Omniblade attack, Cerberus responds – with an Atlas, a giant walker armed with powerful weapons and armor. Up until now we’ve only seen this enemy before the demo cuts away, but in today’s video, Shepard and his team actually fight to bring it down. This proves to be anything but easy, however, as Garrus notes that he can’t penetrate the Atlas’s shields, just as it strides up to Liara, grabs her, and nearly snaps her in half with its claw before throwing her to the ground. Garrus is targeted next, the focus of heavy rocket fire and a similar fate as Liara as the strider approaches. However, he disables its shields with a Tech Overload, setting it up for Shepard’s follow-up frag grenade, finishing it off for good.

So what new information can we glean from this video? Actually…not as much as we might like. Aside from the demonstration of additional party speech and a fight with the Atlas, there wasn’t really a lot showcased here that we didn’t already know about, although technically we did get to see the Engineer in action. Still, it’s only day one of GamesCom, and Bioware would be foolish to show their entire hand so early. Stay tuned as we eagerly await to report new Mass Effect 3 information for you! In the meantime, watch and comment on the video below.