Radio Xtreme – Episode 22: GamesCom 2011 Recap

Hey fans,

After being on a long hiatus, we’re glad to announce that Radio Xtreme has returned in new form.  From now on, they will be videos that we record of us speaking about the latest gaming news.  Secondly, we’ve listened to feedback and have decided to also reduce the length of the podcasts/videocasts to a 15 minute limit (this is also due to our limits on YouTube at the moment).  Either way, tune into our 22nd episode of Radio Xtreme to get a recap of the recent GamesCom 2011 announcements as well as Glacier928’s brief hands-on thoughts for El Shaddai: Ascension to the Metatron.  Be sure to comment your thoughts below and remember…you’re tuned to Radio Xtreme.


Battlefield 3 Co-Op May Have Just Vanquished MW3’s Spec Ops

EA kicked off big with Gamescom 2011 showing off Battlefield 3’s riveting cooperative gameplay mode in a press demo. In a hostage rescue mission you start off with two characters which is the co-op mode. EA has stated that the co-op mode will have a full-fleshed out story line separate from the campaign.

The demo displayed variety of cool and intuitive moments. The dynamic co-op tactics reminds me of “Army of Two” with scenes of both online players emptying rooms through gunfire and by coordinating with each other when to proceed and attack.  Eventually the hostage was rescued. The next scene shows the players escorting a vehicle convoy when suddenly a rocket ambush from the rooftops erupts in total chaos (reminding me of the famous scene from “Clear and Present Danger”). The co-op system allows players to heal each other when shot down, which has become a standard in FPSs nowadays.

EA is promising an assortment of mission types, comprising vehicles both land and air, which sounds terrific. Impressing even more on the gamers, EA is implementing a social network and stats tracking system with the new website which is accessible to all players and of course, thanks to EA, it’s free of charge! Codenamed “Battle log,” this lets the gamer manage his or her friends lists, squad/clan, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends’ progress in actual real-time.

Now in my own opinion, being a beloved fan of the COD franchise and still am, I have something to say. If anybody has actually seen footage of this game period whether in HD or not you would be hard pressed not to state that this is the most next gen looking game in the history of gaming especially for FPS shooters. Aside from that, this mode I just discussed will only be a fraction of the overall pie of BF3. However, when comparing this co-op mode to Spec Ops in the Modern Warfare series, I can’t help but wonder that Spec Ops now seems a bit out dated and well…overly bland. And please do not misinterpret I loved spec ops mode and still do to this day. However, for BF3 and MW3, I feel that MW will need to absolutely step it up more than a few notches to equal or surpass what EA has created here. This is a fully fleshed out co-op mode that has the potential to have more heart and character in it than most FPS main campaigns nowadays. Only time will tell if EA delivers on their promise and also if Modern warfare 3 will overcome or at least compete with its own side mission slice of the game.

Mass Effect 3 Squad Leader Video – What does it really show us?

Today marks the first day that we’ve seen new Mass Effect 3 footage since San Diego Comic Con. We’ve all been waiting eagerly, and Bioware had no intentions of denying us our Shepard fix.

In the press panel video released today, Bioware, following a brief introductory speech, showed a video trailer showcasing the player’s role as the “Squad Leader”. As Commander Shepard, you will bring two squad members into combat with you, and they can be commanded to execute a wide variety of strategies. In previous demonstrations, we saw how they could be ordered to flank enemies to attack weak spots, and to use their unique talents to disable dangerous enemies to make them easier to take out. In this video, it’s immediately apparent that the almost silent command system from Mass Effect 2 has been revamped; rather than simply point squad members to where to go and who to attack, Shepard will now explicitly tell squad mates where they should move to and take cover. In fact, squad banter seems to be at an all-time high, something that Bioware has promised to deliver on. Shepard and his team can be heard giving and accepting commands, updating the squad on targets and ability usage, and even reassuring compliments (“Nice”).

Next, Shepard is heard updating his team’s weapon selection to take on a new threat before sprinting to forward cover while Liara dispatches a Cerberus soldier with her biotic Throw. After Shepard takes out an enemy with a fiery Omniblade attack, Cerberus responds – with an Atlas, a giant walker armed with powerful weapons and armor. Up until now we’ve only seen this enemy before the demo cuts away, but in today’s video, Shepard and his team actually fight to bring it down. This proves to be anything but easy, however, as Garrus notes that he can’t penetrate the Atlas’s shields, just as it strides up to Liara, grabs her, and nearly snaps her in half with its claw before throwing her to the ground. Garrus is targeted next, the focus of heavy rocket fire and a similar fate as Liara as the strider approaches. However, he disables its shields with a Tech Overload, setting it up for Shepard’s follow-up frag grenade, finishing it off for good.

So what new information can we glean from this video? Actually…not as much as we might like. Aside from the demonstration of additional party speech and a fight with the Atlas, there wasn’t really a lot showcased here that we didn’t already know about, although technically we did get to see the Engineer in action. Still, it’s only day one of GamesCom, and Bioware would be foolish to show their entire hand so early. Stay tuned as we eagerly await to report new Mass Effect 3 information for you! In the meantime, watch and comment on the video below.

SSX – First Online Details Announced

During the EA Press Conference, they announced the online aspects of SSX.  Todd Batty stated on stage that, ““SSX is going to revolutionize social gaming. We’re gonna make sure it is fun and easy. Even better, there are no lobbies and no need for scheduling.”

“Explore” let’s you play with your friends via ghost tracking.  You will earn money by taking down your friends records that will transfer to your campaign.  You don’t need to be playing online with your friends to actually compete with them however.  If your friend competes with your ghost and fails, you will receive money as well, even if you’re not playing.  You will even receive notifications on Facebook and iPhone when your friend takes down your record.

“Global Events” will allow up to 100,000 riders to compete in a single event and could last from a few minutes to several days.  You can fully customize events with your friends as well.

“RiderNet” is going to be the “Autolog” of SSX.  It will guide you to where your friends are and recommend new friends for you.  It will also keep you connected with your friends by letting you know how they’re doing in the game at all times.  Todd Batty stated that you can even vote friends down if they “annoy you.”

There you have it, a brief touch on the online aspects of SSX.  Excited to take on the mountains with your friends? Check out the trailer and be sure to sound off in the comments below!