Radio Xtreme – Episode 29: “PlayStation 4 Recap and Thoughts”

DualShock 4

In this special episode of Radio Xtreme, Glacier928 and special guest, K20NY, recap the Sony event and discuss all the latest info for the PlayStation 4. Sit back and enjoy as we condense the 2 hour conference into 20+ minutes!

Sony to Bring Backwards Compatability to All PS3s?

Owners of the PS3 Slim are being treated to some amazing news, if GamesIndustry International’s information is correct.

According to them, Sony is working out a deal with Gaikai to stream PSOne and PS2 back catalog games to the PS3 with a streaming service. First-party titles are rumored to be guaranteed, but it’s also likely third-party developers will be partnering with Gaikai for this service. Given the popularity of the several PS2 HD remakes released so far, it’s likely players will love being able to play even more classic games on their newer systems. Many content providers have already signed on with the streaming company, such as YouTube, Facebook, and LG.

No information has been released yet as to whether any other Sony devices, such as TVs and the Vita, will be able to take advantage of this service.

It’s very likely that Sony will be releasing more details to corroborate this information at their E3 press conference. Be sure to tune in with GamersXtreme on Monday, June 4 at 9 PM EST.

Rumor: Sony to announce cloud gaming service at E3

A post on VG247 claims that Sony will announce a new on-demand game streaming service at E3, possibly powered by OnLive or Gaikai. This service would allow players to stream video games directly to their PS3, PlayStation Vita, or both, similar to the way OnLive’s service functions now. No other details are available as of yet, but with E3 right around the corner, and Sony’s penchant for releasing big news at this event, it’s possible this new cloud service might be a revolutionary step forward for console gaming.

Have any predictions or wishes of what to see at E3? Sound off below!