Radio Xtreme – Episode 28: Sony Predictions, Wii U Content, Gaming Deals and Much More!

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In this episode of Radio Xtreme, Glacier928 and R17 discuss the following topics:

– PS Plus: Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X go FREE
– Wii Street U impressions
– Best Buy “Buy 1, Get 50% off second” Wii U deal
– F-Zero SNES coming to eShop for Wii U on 2/20 for $0.30
– Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Releases 2/19
– PS4 thoughts/Sony Event 2/20

Nintendo Land Gets F-Zero and Yoshi Attractions


According to ONM, the final three Nintendo Land attractions have been revealed. In particular, one of Nintendo’s franchises that missed the Wii generation looks to make a slight form of return, F-Zero. Check out the details for the final three attractions below.

Captain Falcon’s Twister Race: In this single-player attraction, you’ll hold the narrow end of the Wii U GamePad upright with both hands to guide a high-speed wind-up vehicle toward the finish line.

Octopus Dance: This is a single-player, rhythm-based attraction using the Wii U GamePad. You must instantly memorise the movement of the character on screen and re-enact the poses using the Control Sticks or gyro sensor.

Yoshi’s Fruit Cart: In this brain-teasing single-player attraction, you’re asked to guide Yoshi’s cart towards the goal while collecting all the fruit along the way. The catch is that you can see fruit on the TV but not on the GamePad, a game-play mechanic made possible only using two screens.

During NYCC, we got the chance to test out the Metroid Blast attraction in Nintendo Land and came out with positive thoughts of the fun little mini-game. Nintendo Land is set to launch on November 18th with the Wii U.

Excited for any of these attractions in Nintendo Land? If so, which ones? Sound off in the comments below!

Top 10 Super Nintendo Soundtracks

Alright everyone, the most requested “Top 10” list is finally here.  To many, the Super Nintendo is considered one of, if not, the best console ever made.  Time to find out if your games made my list.


– Donkey Kong Country

Rareware’s flagship franchise for the SNES, Donkey Kong Country is widely considered as one of the greatest platformers ever made…and with good reason.  If you never played DKC before, you’re really missing out on a classic.  However, I’m not here to talk about how awesome the game was and still is.  I’m here to mention how it’s one of the most memorable soundtracks for the SNES.  Every song in this game perfectly fit each moment of the game that truly immersed the player further.  Just listen in to the song attached below (which many fans will notice immediately)!


– Killer Instinct

Rareware’s first fighter that was competing with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter at the time.  Killer Instinct was revolutionary thanks to it’s incredible visuals, fast-paced gameplay and bumping soundtrack.  From the main menu and character select music alone, you know you were in for an awesome game.  Then you hear Orchid’s theme for the first time while you’re fighting and couldn’t help but feel you were kicking-ass to the music.


– X-Men Mutant Apocalypse

X-Men Mutant Apocalypse was one of the coolest X-Men games ever created…it was also one of the hardest.  The opening levels required you to complete a stage with each of the five characters before you could actually get treated to a password to continue from.  If you lost all your lives prior to that, it was back to restarting every character’s stage again.  There were no checkpoints to any of the stages either.  Well, luckily the game was still fun and the soundtrack was awesome to it.  The main menu music gets you pumped for what lies ahead and starting with Wolverine’s stage and his stage music is a great way to kick off the game.  I will always remember starting this game and hearing the alarm sirens along with Wolverine breaking out of a window in the Sentinel Facility and the music (attached below) playing along to it.


– Mega Man X

Mega Man, another staple character in the 90s that used to have awesome games.  Mega Man X was one of my favorite games on the SNES (my favorite Mega Man game ever made as well) and the soundtrack was among the Blue Bomber’s best.  The opening stage alone had an energy-driven song that really grips you into the game.  A true classic.


Demon’s Crest

Now here’s a title that many people may have missed.  If you remember Ghosts N’ Goblins, you may recognize the main character in Demon’s Crest as Firebrand, a main enemy in Ghosts N’ Goblins.  This game starts with Firebrand in a Colosseum, unaware of what’s to come until a Zombie Dragon appears…the game literally starts off with a challenging boss fight!  The soundtrack was orchestrated with a very dark, ominous feel to it, but really nailed the atmosphere of the game.  Demon’s Crest was a truly underrated game that should be played by any gamer out there.


– F-Zero 

Remember the first time you played F-Zero and saw it’s revolutionary “Mode 7” graphics?  Who doesn’t!  F-Zero was an excellent launch title for the SNES and a great new IP for Nintendo.  The soundtrack was the real kicker though.  Mute City and Big Blue became iconic songs in the video game universe…and still remain that way almost two decades later.


– Super Mario World

Super Mario World is considered the greatest Mario game of all-time and with plenty of reasons.  Excellent level design, lengthy gameplay, colorful visuals and of course, a classic soundtrack.  Every song in Super Mario World will stick with you for life once you play through the game one time!  It had a variety of tracks from cheerful to dark toned and were crafted brilliantly.


– The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Another iconic franchise with truly memorable elements, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was a masterpiece of an adventure for the SNES.  Addictive gameplay, great story, clever level designs and an outstanding soundtrack mark this as one of the SNES’s finest.  Upon entering the “Darkworld,” the music made you feel like you were on a mission to take out Ganon and restore Hyrule.


– Super Metroid

Super Metroid was the Metroid to really establish truly classic music for the franchise.  Sure the original had a great theme, but there wasn’t much music to the original NES installment.  Super Metroid had one of the darkest and intense soundtracks for an SNES game and was also the first time we heard the “Ridley” theme that became a staple track for the Metroid franchise.


– TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

Not to be confused with the TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, the SNES version is considered by many fans as the best TMNT ever made.  Turtles in Time had a truly excellent soundtrack.  Sure, Hyperstone Heist (SEGA Genesis) and Turtles in Time (Super Nintendo) had practically the same soundtrack, but they were excellent on both platforms despite sounding slightly different.


Now once again, these were my most memorable soundtracks from the games I played through during the SNES era.  Be sure to comment your thoughts on this list and feel free to voice your opinion on what other games you loved the soundtrack(s) for during the SNES era!