EA has Two “Unannounced” Wii U Games; Unveiling them this Summer

During this past E3, you may have noticed Mass Effect 3 shown in the Wii U montage of games showcased at Nintendo’s Press Conference. However, that was literally the only Wii U title shown from EA during the conference. Interestingly, if you recall Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference, Electronic Arts’ CEO, John Riccitiello, had taken the stage stating how they’ll be backing the console up with their own games and were excited to be working with Nintendo. So where were they at this E3?

During an interview with CVG, EA Labels President, Frank Gibeau, clarified some hope.

“We’ve got a couple of more games in development for Wii U and we’ll have a bigger line-up for Wii U than we did on the Wii. It is the first next-generation platform coming out so we’re really supporting it.

Just looking at E3 and where we’re at, we wanted to hold our fire a little bit on a couple of the other games that we’re working on. We’ll have more announcements this summer on the rest of the Wii U line-up.”

We’re definitely curious as to what EA has in store for the Wii U. Question is, are they brand new games built with the Wii U in mind or the same games that are coming to the PS3/360 such as “Dead Space 3” and “Need for Speed: Most Wanted”? What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below!

Unreal Engine 4 in Action – E3 2012

Without a doubt, one of the biggest news stories to buzz the gaming industry this year is the development of Unreal Engine 4. Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski, the face of Epic Games and its engine, released a tech demo in the closing hours of E3 2012 to showcase what their new tech can really do. GameTrailers TV’s Geoff Keighley got to talk to CliffyB and find out more about Epic’s upcoming engine, as well as showcase its multitude of planned uses in the gaming industry. Find out more below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

PlayStation E3 2012 “Sizzle” Trailer

Sony has just released a video showcasing their lineup of titles that will be coming within the next 12 months. Their E3 “Sizzle” video has become a yearly staple for them, allowing people to get an idea of the variety of games that are coming out in the near future. Check it out and be sure to comment on the titles you’re excited for!

Resident Evil 6 Chris Gameplay – E3 2012

Capcom’s certainly putting out a good amount of Resident Evil 6 footage at E3 this year, and they’re not slowing down, even with all of the major conferences over. Greg Moore and Brett Elston, flying under the banner of Capcom Unity, got ready to sit down with some Chris Redfield gameplay. Whereas Leon Kennedy’s demo showed a more classic game style, in the veins of Resident Evil 4, Chris’s couldn’t be more opposite; now a high-ranking officer in the BSAA, Chris isn’t afraid to fight on the front lines and bring some awesome firepower to some zombies and mutants. He has the ability to fire on the move, compared to Leon, who must stop and aim, and has a bristling array of weapons and equipment to choose from, at any given moment.

Brett begins the demo by demonstrating some of Chris’s new mobility options, able to dodge, dive, and roll to avoid danger. He can also break through wooden crates to search for items, one of which was a “Skill Point”. While Capcom isn’t talking about these items for now, Brett did confirm that there will be skill-based upgrades in the game. Up next, Brett showcased a new contextual kill, where Chris shoots an enemy by a railing and then runs up and throws him over the edge. After a brief cutscene and a slip of the tongue (at 4:45…NSFW!), we see some rooftop combat and our first glimpse at some of the mutants present in the game. Chris brandishes a knife and takes one out up close and personal. We also see an interesting feature to Chris’s mobility: while sprinting, he can quickly leap over gaps and vault up short walls quickly.

Brett briefly got into Chris’s inventory system, showcasing a vastly streamlined system where weapons, equipment, and other items are all stored on some sort of cross menu, likely accessible with the D-Pad. Players can also access a more classic-style menu where items are shown in a line, and players can still combine items like previous games in the series. On the next rooftop, we see the results of dismemberment: similar to earlier games in the series, enemies may mutate into different forms depending on what parts of the body are shot off. Here, Brett shoots the leg off of two enemies, and they rapidly mutate into horrible, moth-like creatures that soak up huge amounts of damage. It’s cases like these where it’s better to simply run. However, after taking a zipline, Chris and Piers get rocked by an explosion, and the demo’s showcase of divergent gameplay takes root. In this case, Chris must hand-over-hand on a horizontal rope while his partner lays down some covering fire. All campaigns are cooperative compatible, so the second player will also need to survive on their own until the two players can meet up again. The game includes a handy feature to instantly locate your partner like in Resident Evil 5, and also provides a legend at the bottom of the screen for buttons you can press to communicate with your partner.

As Brett made his way towards the objective, he mentioned another cool feature: Chris can counter enemy melee attacks, stunning them and dealing tremendous damage. He demonstrates this ability against a machete-wielding enemy, knocking the weapon away and sending the enemy spinning. It looks like the melee system has been vastly improved since RE5. The demo ends with Chris and Piers making a valiant defense outside the objective, but ultimately Chris goes down and the demo ends. It’s worth noting, however, that the downed system from RE5 makes a return here; your partner can revive you after you’ve been downed.

Definitely some exciting stuff on display here, and it looks like RE6 will have a gameplay style to appeal to just about anyone, from Leon’s RE4 horror crawl to Chris’s third-person action approach. We’ve yet to see what Jack can do, but given what we’ve seen from the trailers,he may be somewhere inbetween the two styles. Stay tuned as Capcom continues to build hype for the upcoming survival-horror-action title!

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Will Not Be Released This Year

Sony Worldwide’s Shuhei Yoshida confirmed today that Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival title, The Last of Us, will not be released this year. Yoshida had this to say to VG247:

“We are not ready to talk about 2013. But some of the games we showed like God of War and The Last of Us are not coming out this year. We will talk more about what our line-up of games will be like in 2013. PS Vita we just launched. It’s been just four months.”

Yoshida commented that the prime reason for the games’ delayed releases is to focus more on the Vita platform, which had a surprising lack of coverage at Sony’s press event at E3. However, we can be sure that The Last of Us will be a phenominal title once it’s released, if the gameplay footage from E3 is any indication. Check it out below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

E3 2012 Skyrim: Dawnguard Gameplay Footage and Interview

Bethesda Softworks is set to expand on its highly-successful Skyrim by releasing Dawnguard, an add-on and expansion where you, the player, can choose to join a band of vampires or the Dawnguard and hunt them down. Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley sat down with Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Skyrim, to discuss the huge expansion in detail. The interview mainly discussed the powers players will have as a Vampire Lord, choosing sides, and new skill trees for the Vampire Lord and even the fan-favorite Werewolf. The second part includes Todd answering questions from Twitter.


E3 2012 Nintendo Developer Round Table Rundown

Reggie Fils-Aime made it clear at Nintendo’s E3 press conference today that it would be broad in scope, but didn’t really leave enough time to get into all the titles that would be coming to the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U consoles. To help alleviate this and provide a bit more detail, Nintendo held a developer round table conference tonight. While the full broadcast will be available soon, we here at Gamers Xtreme have a basic rundown of the information presented. Read on!

Coming hot off the heels of the conclusion of today’s press conference, the discussion immediately started with Nintendo Land, the upcoming social application where players can meet with Mii characters from all over the world. While we saw a few of the attractions available, the round table delved a bit into the others the conference lacked. After a brief reveal of an Animal Crossing attraction, a demonstration for the Zelda attraction began. It appears it will be much like the traditional Zelda experience with a new, co-op twist; given Nintendo’s new mantra of asymmetrical play, three players use a sword and shield while the fourth uses a bow and arrow. As players fight monsters, they need to perfect their roles to succeed; the shield-bearing players can protect the archer as he rains arrows on monsters. The game will also feature a single-player component where you play as an archer.

The discussion proceeded to Nintendo Land’s Plaza. A robotic sign guides players to various hotspots in the park. You will also be able to earn coins through Nintendo Land, likely through good performance in attractions. These will function similarly to the 3DS’s play tokens, allowing you to trade them in for items and free swag, such as statues to decorate the Plaza with.  Players will also be able to earn extra coins by meeting certain conditions. Such a huge level of connectivity will let players reach out and communicate with the best and worst of people the internet has to offer, so Nintendo will have a system in place to moderate posts from other users. Players can mark a post as a spoiler or other grievance, it will be reviewed, and removed if deemed inappropriate. Finally, the round table ended the Nintendo Land discussion by pointing at an F-Zero car, indicating an F-Zero attraction will be available in Nintendo Land. This is a nice revelation, since we haven’t seen a true F-Zero game in quite a few years. It isn’t yet clear if Nintendo Land will be included with the system, or sold separately as its own independent product, but given the options available on other consoles like Sony’s PlayStation Home, it would probably be a smart move to include it.

The discussion continued on to the New Super Mario Bros. 2, the upcoming title for the Wii U. The game will be connected to the Miiverse, Nintendo’s proposed online service. When players are getting stuck at one point on a stage, the game will ask for your input. On the other hand, you may occasionally be asked by the game if you feel like you’re doing well. All of these answers will be shared on the Miiverse with others. As for the Wii U game and how it relates to its upcoming 3DS cousin, the two games are being developed by entirely different teams, and will not have any connectivity between them. This is understandable given the two games’ different development cycles, but it would have been nice to see some incentive for owning both titles, especially since they appear to be two unique titles from what we saw at the conference earlier.

Finally, the round table closed by discussing the system and its capabilities more generally. Nintendo is “interested in making games for people that love games, not only casual players.” It looks like Nintendo is taking the Wii’s product cycle to heart and making games for everyone, and this is nice to see, especially given the system’s capabilities that were put on display. Wii U owners will also be able to transfer their save data and game purchases to the Wii U, essentially rendering the previous console obsolete but providing a great value to previous owners. On a less positive note, the system will definitely be tested as more game pads are connected, but Nintendo is planning to deal with these hurdles in the most effective way possible to deliver an explosive experience to all players. This is an understandable limitation, however, as the console will have to give equal processing time and power to each peripheral device added.

And so, the developer round table came to a close, giving a lot of exciting details to whet our appetites while we wait for more Wii U information down the pipe, so to speak. Stay tuned as we grab hold of anything Nintendo deems fit to give us!

Wii U Panoramic View Will Turn Your Living Room into an Exotic Location

The Nintendo E3 site reports a title that promises to “transform your living room into an exotic location from around the world.” Tentatively titled “Panoramic View”, it will allow players to use the Wii U Game Pad’s integrated touch screen as a viewing lens to a virtual representation of exotic, lush landmarks around the world. The game will even report the top three viewed areas once the player finishes his or her tour. The game pad can be moved up, down, left, and right, and rotated to portrait or landscape to give players the best view of the virtual area around them. The game will even provide tools such as zoom, and allow players to share their recorded tour with others.

Panoramic View is set to launch Holiday Season 2012. No word has been released on whether it will be an included piece of software or a separate product, but more details are likely as we get closer to the Wii U’s launch.

Maxis Plans a Strong Return with SimCity and SimCity Social

At EA’s press conference yesterday, Maxis Senior Vice President Lucy Bradshaw took the opportunity to bring back a franchise we haven’t seen for several years now.

After calling out all of its “imitators”, Ms. Bradshaw went on to reveal that SimCity is coming to Facebook. Dubbed “SimCity Social”, the game will be launched in a few weeks, and will give the chance for players to have the classic SimCity experience with extra social interactive features, such as sending gifts and sharing your cities with your friends. Players will have the chance to make what the debut trailer called “Good” and “Evil” decisions, both of which will be rewarded. With the successful launch of The Sims Social, there’s no doubt SimCity Social will be a smash hit, and naturally, will be free to play for all Facebook members.

However, the real star of the show was the fact that Maxis will be releasing a new SimCity PC game in February of next year! And this doesn’t look like a simple rehashing of the last Maxis game in the series, SimCity 4, either. The official debut trailer, seen below, details plenty of new gameplay additions that are sure to make SimCity a more immersive experience. Players will be able to draw out roads of any shape and size, and watch as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are constructed right before their very eyes. Players can build single or multiple cities, or even an entire region, and connect it/them to Sim Nation, the greater overarching world SimCity takes place in. City management will be more immersive than ever, with robust, visualized data models for statistics such as traffic, electrical and water flow, and more. The game even promises to deliver a proper City Specialization option, allowing players to tailor their cities towards specific roles, such as industrial development. However, perhaps the biggest new addition to the upcoming City Sim is a multiplayer component, allowing players to construct their own cities and connect them to each other, creating the potential for huge, richly-detailed regions!

Lucy closed Maxis’s portion by announcing that fans will be able to have the chance to name the game’s first burger joint via text message. Given this contest and the push for SimCity Social, it’s clear that Maxis is planning a bigger focus on interactive gameplay and connectivity. I personally can’t be happier to see one of my favorite game franchises being revived with an all-new community angle included. What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Crytek at E3: Taking the Fight to the Urban Rainforest with Crysis 3

Few games had more mystery surrounding them than Crytek’s follow-up to the highly-buzzed Crysis 2. Pre-release promotional media shows the protagonist, Prophet, wading through a contradictory environment, featuring urban concrete and lush jungle vegetation. Also on display is his new signature weapon, the Compound Bow, bringing some old-school Turok action to this new title. With so many possibilities, it’s believable that Crysis 3 has a lot of questions going into E3 that many fans wanted answered.

Well…unfortunately, most of them will remain unanswered. While the Crysis 3 presentation at EA’s press conference for E3 2012 wasn’t at all bad, there really weren’t any details that help shine more light on the game’s story, what happened to Alcatraz (the previous protagonist), or why New York has suddenly turned into a literal urban jungle in the indeterminate time lapse between Crysis 2 and its sequel. What Crytek did treat us to was a live gameplay demo, featuring Prophet making his way through an urban environment while fighting off C.E.L.L. operatives, working under the organization that wants to reclaim your NanoSuit.

Let’s just begin with the disclaimer that, in spite of the super powers your suit grants you, even Prophet can’t take the kind of punishment we saw in the demo. Energy was fixed at 100, and the player didn’t lose any health or ammo. Still, it proved a nice playground to show what you can do in Crysis 3. And as far as we saw from the demo…it isn’t too much more than you could do in Crysis 2.

It’s clear that, while you’re free to pick up weapons you find in the environment and off of fallen enemies, the Compound Bow will be your go-to weapon for most encounters, allowing you to take enemies unawares or deal massive damage to armored targets. This is accomplished by the various ammo ty1qapes available to the Bow, from standard arrows to explosive-tipped ones able to take out helicopters. The Bow also features a reflex scope for precision aiming. Other than that, the player can still high-jump, ground-stomp, soak up damage in Armor mode and move around stealthily with the NanoSuit’s Cloak.

Overall, we didn’t see too much from the “new” department, but the demo had a nice, familiar feel to it, and Crysis 3 is looking to be, once again, the best-looking game in its release cycle. Prophet even seems to get quite a bit of spoken dialogue. Let’s just hope Crytek has more tricks up its sleeve that it isn’t ready to reveal yet, otherwise Crysis 3 may simply be more of an expansion than a sequel.

What did you think of Crytek’s showing at the EA press conference? Sound off in the comments!