Battlefield 4 Introduces “Battlescreen”, A Next Gen Affair Only


Battlefield 4 will be incorporating a second screen feature which will dive players into a more immerse experience. Unfortunately, this experince will only be taking place on next-gen platforms such as the PC, PS4 and X1. The second screen feature allows gamers quick access to maps, loadouts, stats, and server browsing. A producer for the game, Jesper Nielsen stated why “Battlescreen”, the second screen feature, will not be available on PS3 and 360. In short, he explained that the level of internet integration and updates were only possible on high-end PC’s, as well as the next-gen consoles. The service has become entirely web-based and therefore needs new hardware to process it. Below, Nielsen went on to explain the process of Battlescreen.

“Battlelog is powered by the web, and that has a lot of implications. There are a lot of different things you can do, things you can do faster, rather than building stuff in native code. It’s going to be a lot easier for us to actually update things from the in-game Battlelog than would otherwise be the case. You’d have to do patches normally; here we can actually do things almost by the flick of a finger,

That will teach us a lot and help us innovate even more in this field. We don’t have the answers to all the questions in this space yet, so it’s definitely a bit of an experiment, but we’re very confident with some of the steps we’ve taken to provide a truly meaningful and valuable second-screen experience. We’re super intrigued by these possibilities and early tests have showed that we’re going in the right direction, but to be frank, it will stand its real test once we get it out to the players and see how they use it, both when they play and don’t play.”

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Battlefield 4 64-Person Multiplayer E3 2013 Footage


Battlefield 4 is having a major presence at E3 thus far, and to really drive the point home, EA showed a 64-player multiplayer session, complete with a full team of players on stage along with the game’s “Commander Mode”, allowing a player to feed their team intel and call in resources from a bird’s eye view, all from the player’s tablet. Check out the footage below!

More Triple ‘A’ Titles Skipping The Wii U Due to “Playing It Safe”


Earlier last week, it was announced that developer DICE was not going to be bring Battlefield 4 to the Wii U because they wanted to “play it safe”. However odd the statement seemed, it was also the final word. They also stated that they are just focusing on the new Frostbite 3 engine for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the moment. Now it seems that both “Dragon Age III: Inquisition” and the next “Mass Effect” game will be powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine. This could mean that these two will never see the light of day on Nintendo’s platform.

“For everyone who’s been asking after the BF4 reveal, DA3 and the next Mass Effect are also using Frostbite 3. It’s awesome, and it’s made possible on Sony, Microsoft, and PC platforms.” said BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn. It is common knowledge that the Frostbite 3 engine does not currently support the Wii U. However, it is idiotic (to say in the least) that EA is abandoning Nintendo’s latest console. The Wii U is statistically more powerful than both current consoles, which leaves us to wonder why EA would not only skimp out on Battlefield 4, but Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3 as well? It seems to me that developers are not willing to take a risk and become creative, but rather in their words “play it safe” or “avoid risk”. That is a shame, being that I am a proud owner of the Wii U and just completed a truly terrific, superior multiplatform title, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (read my review). Criterion’s NFS:MWU beautifully demonstrates what a fraction of the Wii U’s power can do when it is put to the test against the PS3 and 360, and even PC. Both Dragon Age III and Battlefield 4 are due to release in Q3 of 2013.

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Battlefield 4 Leaked Trailer – “Prepare 4 Battle”


It appears the Battlefield 4 trailer has been leaked on YouTube and looks legit. Check out the 30 trailer below!

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