The V Podcast: Episode 2 – PS4 Announcement, Killzone: Mercenary Discussion, Wii U Sales and Much More!

killzone mercenary

As a change of pace from the site’s Radio Xtreme podcasts, I guest starred in a podcast with Vengeful Torture in his newly debuted, The V Podcast, on YouTube. Within the 80+ minutes, we discuss a variety of topics that vary between the Wii U sales talk and why it’s not doing as poorly as people make it seem, Killzone: Mercenary’s announcement, some upcoming DLC for games like Battlefield 3 and PS All-Stars, the possibility of a Resident Evil “reboot”, and of course, the inevitable PS4 announcement and leaked Uncharted 4. Sit back, grab a drink and tune into this special podcast!

DICE Releases Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

Battlefield 3 is merely days away and DICE wants to get you amped up for it. Check out the new Launch Trailer below!

Battlefield 3 Gets Timed Exclusivity DLC for PS3

As everyone knows, Activision and Microsoft have an agreement to allow all Call of Duty map packs release exclusively to Xbox LIVE before PlayStation Network for exactly one month.  Well, looks like EA is playing the same game with Sony for Battlefield 3.  EA and Sony announced that all “full blown” Battlefield 3 content are set to release on the PS3 first, followed by Xbox 360 and PC a week later (this includes the “Back to Karkland” DLC that comes with your pre-order of BF3).

While one week exclusivity is no big deal by any means, EA is clearly trying to do the same strategy (albeit a shorter exclusivity time) as Activision did with Call of Duty.  The “Back to Karkland” will retail for $10 if you don’t pre-order BF3 and is set to release a month after the game’s release.  What do you guys think?  Sound off in the comments!

Radio Xtreme – Episode 22: GamesCom 2011 Recap

Hey fans,

After being on a long hiatus, we’re glad to announce that Radio Xtreme has returned in new form.  From now on, they will be videos that we record of us speaking about the latest gaming news.  Secondly, we’ve listened to feedback and have decided to also reduce the length of the podcasts/videocasts to a 15 minute limit (this is also due to our limits on YouTube at the moment).  Either way, tune into our 22nd episode of Radio Xtreme to get a recap of the recent GamesCom 2011 announcements as well as Glacier928’s brief hands-on thoughts for El Shaddai: Ascension to the Metatron.  Be sure to comment your thoughts below and remember…you’re tuned to Radio Xtreme.