Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass Detailed


Batman: Arkham Origins’ Season Pass has been revealed and it is promising some unique content. The season pass will cost $19.99 and include five different packs of downloadable content for Origins. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that three of the add-ons are skin packs. There is a pack with the Gotham Gaslight Batman and Brightest Day Batman outfits, which are exclusive to the season pass. Additionally, there are the new Millennium Skins Pack and Infinite Earths Skins Pack, each of which features five Batman costumes and also one for the dark knight’s companions, Robin.

Origins’ season pass will also come with the Initiation DLC. This pack lets players train on challenge maps as Bruce Wayne before he became the Dark Knight, and a new story campaign. It was stated that the the total price of the five packs, if purchased individually without the season pass, would cost gamers $30. In essence, you are saving $10 in buying the season pass, as long as you want these bonuses. The Arkham Origins season pass is being offered to every platform the game is being released on, meaning the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC and Wii U. Lastly, it was rumored that there indeed will be more DLC for the future, and this season pass only covers the first five packs. For more news, stay tuned.

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Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Fully Detailed


It is now confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will ship with a new multiplayer mode called Invisible Predator Online. The online component is being developed separately by an outside studio called Splash Damage (known for Bethesda’s “Brink“). The multiplayer mode will allow gamers to be part of one of three factions: the heroes (Batman and Robin), Bane’s elite thugs (three players) and the Joker’s elite thugs (three players). Interestingly enough, the game will play differently depending on which faction players choose.

If you chose to play as the heroes (Batman or Robin), the strategy will be different from the other two factions. The object is to stay in the darkness and perform silent takedowns. Players will stay high above the streets and try to make strategic moves by swooping down on an unsuspecting enemy. All while this is going on, two rival gang’s can be fighting on the streets below. Bane’s army could be battling Joker’s gang, while Batman (Team Heroes) are individually picking off each gang. The main objective for Heroes is to take down as many enemies as possible to fill up the intimidation meter. When the meter reaches it’s max, both gangs fighting on the street will retreat.

Splash Damage creative director Alastair Cornish stated:

“It’s extremely important for Batman and Robin to play the way they do in multiplayer mode because the we wanted to retain the Arkham DNA through and through. We wanted this tension with the hunter/hunted mechanic,”

“If Batman’s primary method of engagement was to just run in and club people, a) that’s not very Batman and b) it’s not that tense or rewarding. So we worked out a clever system with the scoring, so you would vary your takedowns and be patient and not just go in swinging, because that’s not Batman. The whole idea is to instill fear and intimidation into players.”

Playing as the “elite thugs” makes a more violent aspect of gameplay for Batman. The gameplay transcends to a third-person shooter where you are given guns. Yes, a Batman game where you’re doing the shooting and murdering other thugs. This is happening all while trying to watch the sky up above, making sure that the Heroes do not get the drop on you unsuspectingly. Halfway through the match, Bane and the Joker will become playable, but only if certain criteria are met. Towards the end of the battle, both gang leaders will call to their team to open a door to allow them into a arena. The first faction to get to the door and open it will gain access to their leader, for example Bane or Joker. The player who opens the door first will get to play as either Bane or Joker or whoever is the gang boss in that round. Faction leaders are stronger than the elite thugs, however when killed, you will not respawn.

The creative director went on to state:

“The thugs play in a third-person mode because it helps the player connect with the character. Players can also customize their thug’s appearance, varying the body type, facial hair, face paint, clothing and weapons. The third-person field of view also lends itself to a heightened sense of tension. Dynamics between the different factions keeps players on their toes. A member of a faction might be observing the sky to see if Batman or Robin are within close proximity, but that makes them vulnerable to the opposing faction who is on the ground. Similarly, a player who is focused on shooting the enemy thugs might get picked off from above by Batman or Robin.”

At the moment, this looks to be a great multiplayer addition to what is already rumored to be a engrossing single-player campaign. Batman: Arkham Origins will be coming to the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U October 25th.

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Batman Arkham Origins Set for October; Portable Batman to Release Alongside Origins


GameInformer just revealed their May issue cover, which showcases the latest Batman game, “Batman Arkham Origins”. The game is slated for release on October 25th, 2013, for the PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U. Rocksteady Games will not be behind the development of the title, but rather Warner Bros Montreal, whom were in charge of the Wii U’s “Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition”. The cover shows off Batman taking on Deathstroke.


Origins takes place years before the previous games in the series, showing a younger, more inexperienced Batman patrolling the city. This will introduce Batman against villains from his rogue gallery for the first time.

Additionally, there will be a portable Batman game on the way for the 3DS and PS Vita called “Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate”. This is in development by Armature Studio (formed by Metroid Prime developers from Retro Studios) and is stated to be a “2.5-D Metroidvania platformer”. The game will release alongside the console version on October 25th.

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Next “Batman” Title Will Be a Prequel

That’s right Arkham fans: The next game in Rocksteady Studios’ Batman series is going to be a prequel. The developer is planning to tell the story of Batman’s first encounter with The Joker, and also the events leading up to the founding of the Justice League of America. The game will take cues from the style of the 1950’s “Silver Age of Comics” when Batman teamed up with some of the greatest DC Universe heroes, such as Superman.

The only certainty so far is that Mark Hamill will, unfortunately, not return to lend his talent to voicing The Joker in this new title. Kevin Conroy is likely to reprise his role as Batman / Bruce Wayne, however, so it’s not a total loss.

The game is predicted to have an early 2014 release, but this is very preliminary, so take that with a grain of salt. Stay tuned to GamersXtreme as we keep track of this exciting development!

Batman: Arkham City Earns GOTY Edition – And Won’t Let You Forget It

Warner Bros. announced today that Batman: Arkham City (our review here) will be receiving a Game of the Year edition, to be released on May 29th in North America. This edition is set to include all DLC available so far, as well as the upcoming add-on, “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”. North American buyers will also be treated to a download code for the animated movie, “Batman: Year One”.

This is certainly an excellent opportunity for new players and Batman enthusiasts alike to enjoy the complete Arkham City experience, but some might not be so excited by the box art for the GOTY release. For a game that can speak for itself as Arkham City can, it’s strange to find the cover so crowded with reviews and accolades, so much so that it practically marginalizes the title on the box. Is Warner Bros. worried about a lack of exposure for the upcoming release, or are they just so proud of Arkham City that they don’t want you to ever forget how well it was received?

Check out the preview trailer for the GOTY edition below, and let us know what you think by sounding off in the comments!

Retro Gaming: Batman (Nintendo Entertainment System – 1990)

Batman was inspired by the 1989 Tim Burton movie starring Michael Keaton and was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was developed by Sunsoft and was an action platform game with the usual side-scrolling action that was popular during this time.

Batman contained five levels, with each level broken up into 2-3 sections and culminating in a boss battle in order to advance. Even though the game was based off of the 1989 movie, it deviated itself by including new locations to explore and some additional character appearances from the comic books (such as the level one boss, Firefly). The music was very catchy and upbeat for its time, matching the tempo and level surroundings of the game (it made Glacier928’s Top 10 NES Soundtracks list), and the cutscenes, while quick and abrupt, were entertaining to watch.

Not only could Batman use his fists to defeat his foes with a basic punching attack, but he also had his gadgets, and the game provided this by having three projectile weapons: the batarang, batdisk and bat speargun.  Another feature that added to the game play was the ability to wall jump. This option enhanced the platforming elements of the game and introduced an additional challenge.

While the game was extremely fun, it was also very challenging, as you had to restart an entire level if you lost a life. The Joker himself (who was strangely much larger than Batman) was a very difficult last boss that many gamers struggled to defeat (even though there was one trick I found to finally beat him). If you missed Batman for the NES, it is a game worth checking out, especially if you’re a Batman fan.

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Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Unboxed

Batman: Arkham City is by far, one of the most anticipated games this year…and it was only natural that a collector’s edition would be unveiled.  Well, below you’ll see a screenshot depicting everything that will be included within the $99 you choose to spend on this edition.

Certainly a better looking CE than Arkham Asylum's


Included in the Collector’s Edition:

– Collectible Batman Statue designed by Japanese toy company, Kotobukiya.

– Art Book

– DC Animated-Film, “Batman: Gotham Knight”

– Early access to the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map

– “Dark Knight Returns” Skin

– Four collectible cards

– “Arkham City” album CD by “hit artists” (yet to be revealed who the artists are)


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Top 10 NES Soundtracks

NES…the console that truly redefined gaming.  The NES had some true classics that will remain in many people’s memories.  However, I’ve always been one who’s paid attention to game soundtracks when I played my games since I was a little kid.  The games listed below are distinguished by having some of the best music in the NES’s history.  With well over 700 titles, this was not an easy list to compile, but these are my personal favorites from the NES library (not listed in any particular order).


1. Batman

Batman was not only an amazing game for the NES, but certainly had one of the best soundtracks as well.  Sunsoft usually pushed out excellent soundtracks for their games (Blaster Master had a really good one) but with Batman, they absolutely nailed it.  The moment you start the game, you’ll hear one of the coolest opening level songs that really gets you pumped for the rest of the game.  As you’ll progress through the game, every song will literally stick in your head…and that’s a good thing.


2. Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando was a redefining moment in side-scrollers.  Instead of having the ability to jump (like most games did for platforming back in the day), you were limited to only using your trusty grappling hook.  It’s soundtrack is one that’ll stick with me, no question.  Again, from the first level alone, you know you’re in for an all-around new experience.


3. Contra

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start…the infamous Konami Code.  Contra was a tough-as-nails, side-scolling shooter that demanded reflexes since you could die in a single hit.  Entering that Konami Code was typically the way most people beat the game (I beat it the old fashion way though).  Regardless though, Contra was not only an addictive game for it’s relentless difficulty, but the soundtrack was intense!  The music alone was a driving factor as to why I would replay Contra over and over…no matter how hard the game was.


4. Ninja Gaiden 2

Ninja Gaiden is notorious for it’s insane difficulty…but was by far the most rewarding game I’ve played on the NES.  The gameplay was addictive, the story was excellent and the soundtrack was incredible.  No matter how tough and cheap the difficulty ramped up to be, the story and soundtrack were motivating factors to keep playing so that you could hear the next awesome song, as well as keep unveiling the cinematic story (considering that NES games never really had cinematics).


5. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

Despite what some Castlevania fans may feel about Simon’s Quest, there was no denying it’s epic soundtrack.  It was the first time we were introduced to the “Bloody Tears” track which only evolved over time with most iterations of the franchise.  Sure, Simon’s Quest had some serious pacing issues thanks to poor English translation, but it was still fun to play just to hear the music!


6. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Punch-Out didn’t have the most elaborate soundtrack but the main theme that played throughout your fights was just plain awesome.  That song would get me pumped for the fight and ready to climb that ladder to takedown that pre-ear ripping Mike Tyson.


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

TMNT II was a massive improvement over the abysmal first outing on the NES.  Konami (Ultra Games at the time) decided to make a port of the widely popular arcade game and add an extra level into the NES version.  The music was largely similar to the arcade version but was obviously downgraded for to tailor the NES’s limitations…but that wasn’t a bad thing by any means.  This soundtrack was just a plain awesome score to listen to while taking out the Footclan all day long.


8. Battletoads

Battletoads was one of the most difficult games ever made during the NES era…but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have an amazing soundtrack.  Similar to Contra and Ninja Gaiden, no matter how hard the game was, the music was a motivating factor alone for me to keep trying to beat the game.  Back then, there was no YouTube to listen in on in-game soundtracks that people post so you had work hard to see what was ahead.  Also, if any of you readers beat this game in co-op…major kudos to you.


9. Mega Man 3

Choosing one Mega Man game out of the six released for the NES was a tough choice.  However, after listening to all the soundtracks, Mega Man 3 stood out the most for me.  From the stage select to the character’s stage themes, this is the one I found to have the best music out the first six installments.


10. Super Mario Bros. 3

Like you readers didn’t see this coming…Super Mario Bros. 3 is known to many as the greatest Mario game of all time.  It also has the best soundtrack out of the Mario trilogy that was available on the NES.  Every song was memorable and you couldn’t help but hum or whistle the music to the level you were playing.


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