Radio Xtreme – Episode 30: “NYCC 2013 Recap”

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Glacier928 and R17 return with episode 30 of Radio Xtreme (Gamers Xtreme Podcast) to discuss all the NYCC material they covered, alongside some Square Enix Press Event material prior. We discuss the big loss of next-gen consoles missing an opportunity at NYCC. Everything listed below is what we cover in the podcast, with video footage we captured for Strider, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, DKC Tropical Freeze and the best game at the show, Bayonetta 2!

– Thief
– Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut
– DKC Tropical Freeze
– Bayonetta 2
– Super Mario 3D World
– Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
– Sonic Lost World
– Strider
– The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Radio Xtreme – Episode 29: “Gamescom Predictions, Vita Talk, and More”

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In this episode of Radio Xtreme, Glacier928 and VengefulTorture discuss their GamesCom predictions, this upcoming week’s releases, the Killzone Mercenary beta, Castle of Illusion PS3 exclusive pre-order bonus, and much more!

Radio Xtreme – Episode 28: Sony Predictions, Wii U Content, Gaming Deals and Much More!

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In this episode of Radio Xtreme, Glacier928 and R17 discuss the following topics:

– PS Plus: Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X go FREE
– Wii Street U impressions
– Best Buy “Buy 1, Get 50% off second” Wii U deal
– F-Zero SNES coming to eShop for Wii U on 2/20 for $0.30
– Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Releases 2/19
– PS4 thoughts/Sony Event 2/20

Radio XTREME – Episode 27

It’s been a long time but R17 and myself (Glacier928) have returned with a new podcast in Radio Xtreme. We discuss all the latest games coming out between now and April of 2013. Additionally, we discuss our take on Michael Pachter’s response toward Nintendo being “years” behind the other companies and respectfully disagree with his perspective explaining why he couldn’t be more wrong. So grab a chair, some popcorn (or any other food for that matter), sit back and tune into our latest episode of Radio XTREME!

Radio Xtreme Episode 26 – E3 2012 Predictions

Glacier928 and R17 return in a new podcast, providing their thoughts on what they expect to see, as well as what they’d like to see, at all the E3 2012 Press Conferences. Check it out!

Radio Xtreme – Episode 25: Mass iPad Effect 3

Topics Glacier928 and R17 discuss in this episode:

– iPad 3 Thoughts
– Mass Effect 3 First Impressions

Radio Xtreme – Episode 24: Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hey fans, we’re back to podcasting again after being on hiatus for quite a while. Tune in to be updated on the latest upcoming gaming news and check out the trailer for MotorStorm RC within the podcast! Comment what you think below!

Topics covered in this video podcast:
– Xbox Live Update Release Date
– 3DS Firmware Official Release Date
– Introduction to the “Retro Gaming” section on the site
– MotorStorm RC Announcement Trailer

Radio Xtreme – Episode 23

Adam Jensen looks pissed at a certain store...

Topics covered in this episode’s video podcast:

– SSX Dynamic Custom Soundtracks Feature

– Deus Ex/Gamestop Controversy

– Recap on the hottest titles releasing this month (September)

Radio Xtreme – Episode 22: GamesCom 2011 Recap

Hey fans,

After being on a long hiatus, we’re glad to announce that Radio Xtreme has returned in new form.  From now on, they will be videos that we record of us speaking about the latest gaming news.  Secondly, we’ve listened to feedback and have decided to also reduce the length of the podcasts/videocasts to a 15 minute limit (this is also due to our limits on YouTube at the moment).  Either way, tune into our 22nd episode of Radio Xtreme to get a recap of the recent GamesCom 2011 announcements as well as Glacier928’s brief hands-on thoughts for El Shaddai: Ascension to the Metatron.  Be sure to comment your thoughts below and remember…you’re tuned to Radio Xtreme.