Gamers Xtreme Podcast – Episode 2 “PS4 Pro, Super Mario Run, and Dreamcast Memories”

In this episode of Gamers Xtreme Podcast, Marcello and Anthony discuss their thoughts on the PS4 Pro, Super Mario Run unveiling for iOS and what it could mean for Nintendo, the 17th birthday of the Sega Dreamcast and our memories with the beloved console, and our personal game deal picks of the week. Tune in and game on!

Gamers Xtreme Podcast – Episode 1 “Rebooted, Refreshed, Revisited”

We’re finally kicking off our podcasting again, and have rebooted it from Radio Xtreme, to simply Gamers Xtreme Podcast. Join us (Marcello, Anthony, and Karl) as we discuss games we’re currently playing, Karl’s thoughts on No Man’s Sky, our thoughts on the PS4 slim, our impressions of the Nioh Beta and the Titanfall 2 Tech Test, our gaming deal of the week, and a few games we’re looking forward to the next coming weeks!

Radio Xtreme – Episode 30: “NYCC 2013 Recap”

Gamers Xtreme Logo Radio 340p

Glacier928 and R17 return with episode 30 of Radio Xtreme (Gamers Xtreme Podcast) to discuss all the NYCC material they covered, alongside some Square Enix Press Event material prior. We discuss the big loss of next-gen consoles missing an opportunity at NYCC. Everything listed below is what we cover in the podcast, with video footage we captured for Strider, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, DKC Tropical Freeze and the best game at the show, Bayonetta 2!

– Thief
– Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut
– DKC Tropical Freeze
– Bayonetta 2
– Super Mario 3D World
– Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
– Sonic Lost World
– Strider
– The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The V Podcast: Xbox One Reveal Thoughts


VengefulTorture and myself (Glacier928) discuss our 100% honest thoughts about the Xbox One reveal in episode 10 of “The V Podcast”. Breaking down every feature of yesterday’s announcement, we talk about the pros and cons with what was shown.

The V Podcast: Episode 2 – PS4 Announcement, Killzone: Mercenary Discussion, Wii U Sales and Much More!

killzone mercenary

As a change of pace from the site’s Radio Xtreme podcasts, I guest starred in a podcast with Vengeful Torture in his newly debuted, The V Podcast, on YouTube. Within the 80+ minutes, we discuss a variety of topics that vary between the Wii U sales talk and why it’s not doing as poorly as people make it seem, Killzone: Mercenary’s announcement, some upcoming DLC for games like Battlefield 3 and PS All-Stars, the possibility of a Resident Evil “reboot”, and of course, the inevitable PS4 announcement and leaked Uncharted 4. Sit back, grab a drink and tune into this special podcast!