Devil’s Third to Restock in North America?

Take this info with a grain of salt, however upon stumbling on Gamefly’s “Coming Soon” releases, Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third will be available on February 9th, 2016. 

Now for those not aware, Devil’s Third released in North America the beginning of December 2015 and rumor had it that only 400+ copies were released to Gamestops nationwide. There’s an unknown number as to how many were shipped to other stores, however, the fact of the matter is the game was rare from day one. Scalpers ran to their local stores to grab any copy available to turn around and sell for double its value. 

Devil’s Third was panned by numerous critics as a poor game. This particular writer (who got extremely lucky to find a physical copy day one) found quite some enjoyment in the game’s campaign and found the multiplayer to be the real hook. For those who were wanting the physical copy of the game, there may actually be a chance, so stay tuned.

[Source – Gamefly]

Super Star Wars PS4 – First 20+ Minutes of Gameplay


While many are diving into the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront, the PS4 and Vita also received the re-release of Super Star Wars from the SNES. Check out our first 20+ minutes of gameplay to see how the remaster handles!

Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event Live Blog

Nintendo Digital Event E3 2015

Worried you might not be able to watch Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event live on June 16th at 12:00 pm EST? No worries, we’ve got you covered here on Gamers Xtreme! We’ll be live blogging the whole event and you, as the community, will be able to interact with us throughout the whole conference! The blog is also mobile friendly so for those of you with smartphones, you’ll be able to still catch every minute of the conference through your phone. Enter your e-mail address below to be reminded of when the event is about to go live and get involved with E3!

Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference Live Stream and Blog

Sony Background


Worried you might not be able to watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference live on June 15th at 9:00 pm EST? No worries, we’ve got you covered here on Gamers Xtreme! We’ll be live blogging the whole event and you, as the community, will be able to interact with us throughout the whole conference! The blog is also mobile friendly so for those of you with smartphones, you’ll be able to still catch every minute of the conference through your phone. Enter your e-mail address below to be reminded of when the event is about to go live and get involved with E3!

Microsoft’s E3 2015 Press Conference Live Stream and Blog

Xbox Background


Worried you might not be able to watch Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference live on June 15th at 12:30 pm EST? No worries, we’ve got you covered here on Gamers Xtreme! We’ll be live blogging the whole event and you, as the community, will be able to interact with us throughout the whole conference! The blog is also mobile friendly so for those of you with smartphones, you’ll be able to still catch every minute of the conference through your phone. Enter your e-mail address below to be reminded of when the event is about to go live and get involved with E3!

Nintendo and DeNA Form a Partnership and Alliance; Nintendo Mobile Games Incoming

To much surprise to kick off the morning, Nintendo has just announced that they have formed a partnership with mobile developer DeNA. With this partnership announcement, Nintendo is allowing DeNA to create brand new games based on Nintendo’s characters. These new games will be entirely new experiences, crafted around the strengths and aspects of mobile gaming. If you’re expecting to see any of the games released on the 3DS or Wii U platform being ported over, that will not be happening.

Also, Nintendo and DeNA will also be developing an online membership service that remains to be detailed. This service is supposed to integrate an ecosystem between PC, smartphones, tablets, 3DS and Wii U devices. The service is aiming to go live fall of 2015. More details to come in the coming months.

It’s surreal to see Nintendo is entering the mobile platform market, especially seeing that the 3DS is dominating with sales and has a massive install base already. Granted, the mobile market is practically in the hands of a majority of  society, seeing that almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. What do you guys think? Would you want to see Nintendo IPs coming to the mobile market or should Nintendo stay apart from that market? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source – Press Release E-Mail]

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Hands-On: “A Much Welcome Sequel”


Lara Croft made quite the comeback in last year’s reboot of Tomb Raider, a gritty origin story showing how Lara went from being inexperienced adventurer to a hardened survivor. However, as superb as the reboot was, Crystal Dynamics hasn’t alienated old fans of Lara entirely. Returning this December, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (the sequel to the hit downloadable title, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light) will be releasing on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. After testing out a demo of the upcoming title at a Square Enix press event, is it as engaging as its predecessor or has it lost its appeal?

During my demo of the game, I was playing through it entirely with 3 other people, introducing the 4-player co-op addition that wasn’t available in the predecessor. Controlling Lara Croft (voiced by Keeley Hawes, whom was Lara for TR Legend, Anniversary, Underworld, and Guardian of Light), I was able to acclimate immediately to the controls, as everything remains the same as before. Movement is as smooth as ever, and aiming and shooting with the right analog stick feels familiar and effective. One new element is the ability to wield a torch. Now, there are certain areas or puzzles to solve that will require you to pull out a torch and light something up. Conveniently, you will have easy access to this by simply pressing a button.

The cast of characters joining Lara is quite interesting. Carter Bell, a rival treasure hunter, has to come to grips and work alongside Lara, while gods Horus and Isis from Egyptian mythology also get caught in the mix, forming an overall unexpected alliance. All the characters have specific abilities that pertain to them and aid one another when playing co-op. Like its predecessor, the game is designed for co-op but should you play solo (which is still a ton of fun), the environment will be catered for that as well. Co-op is certainly the recommended way to go to take advantage of the teamwork aspect required to advance. For example, one scene had all four of us standing on switches located on each side of the room while a towering eye statue shot a projectile at us that needed to be shot back at. This scene would handle differently should you play solo. If you’re the exploring type and trying to find everything in every corner, make sure your co-op partners have that similar play style as you. After all, it wouldn’t be Tomb Raider if there were no exploration elements, finding secret artifacts and relics.

Just like the predecessor, there are 10 hidden red skulls to collect in each level, as well as hidden upgrades. Also as mentioned, the artifacts and relics that boosted (or reduced) your stats also return. Naturally, as you progress, these will only boost your attributes without having any sacrifices or cons towards your stats. There was even the submachine gun to acquire as our first sub-weapon in the demo, which utilizes ammo (represented by the blue bar under your health). You will notice a relic forming around your health bar as you collecting gems and take out foes, as long as you don’t take damage. Once filled, you will score double points multiplier and dish out double damage as well. Should you take a single hit, you’ll lose that reward and have to build it up again.

Towards the end of the demo, a massive creature chased us on a bridge that was littered with more traps than you can imagine. The chaotic nature of four of us all rushing to escape was intense but very engaging. Reaching the end, I even saw our last teammate having a hard time reaching the top platform as the bridge was collapsing and the creature was right behind them, so I quickly latched my grapple to them to save them from falling to their death. After all, don’t want to leave anyone behind. It’s moments like this though where the game truly shines as a rewarding and memorable co-op experience. Surprisingly, even with 4-player co-op, it has a controlled chaos aspect to it where the game doesn’t feel overwhelming with more players on-screen.

Throughout this hands-on, I’ve mentioned numerous times that the game has elements or familiarities to its predecessor. However, this is a great thing, as everything returning from the first game is very much welcome and worked brilliantly. After my 20-minute demo of the game, I couldn’t be more excited to get my hands on the full version. December 9th can’t come soon enough…

Hitman: Sniper (iOS) Hands-On/Interview – “47 On the Go”

Hitman Sniper

At the Square Enix press event prior to NYCC, I had the pleasure of meeting Ollie Sykes, Game Director of Hitman: Sniper. After meeting him, I was able to demo the first level of this new IP from the Hitman franchise launching on IOS and Android devices this Winter. Back in 2012, Hitman: Sniper Challenge was a mini-game bonus that was offered when you pre-ordered Hitman: Absolution. It amazingly created its own fan-base that still has an active daily user count of 50K players. Eidos saw this fan-base and decided to create a game solely on this type of mission. I took control of an iPad Air and began my unique experience into the dark world of assassinations.

Your mission starts in Montenegro, at a mountain top mansion surrounded with bodyguards. Visually, I was impressed that a handheld title was running so smooth and console like. If I had to compare the visuals to the rest of the franchise, I would say it has the visuals of 2005’s Blood Money, with the animations of 2012’s Absolution. When combined, it makes a great looking handheld title. The set up for the demo was straightforward; kill as many targets as you can with little detection. In the beginning, you don’t have many choices for sniper rifles or custom ammo and scopes. As you progress and gain money, you will have access to more powerful arsenals. Using your fingers to zoom in and out are simple and effective. Tapping once at the target will fire the rifle. You also have options for slow-mo and a multiple target system ala Hitman: Absolution, depending on the rifle you use. There will always be a primary target that must be killed in order to complete the mission, but there will also be secondary targets that can be killed in order to rack up more money. The amount of kills you pull off without being detected will multiply your final score. This final score with be uploaded to the online leaderboards that will create a high level of competitiveness with your fellow online community.

Additionally, you can cause accidental deaths by shooting certain objects that will cause kills. For instance, shooting a glass wall that two bodyguards happen to be leaning on will cause the glass wall to shatter and the bodyguards to fall to their deaths. You will have successfully gotten rid of two enemies, and hid the bodies, which will multiply the points. You feel a sense of Godlike power zooming in and out observing numerous different enemies and innocents in the level; with you choosing who lives, and dies. Enemy AI reacts realistically to the noise of bullets whizzing by them as well as when their fellow AI is dying in front of them.

Lastly, I must say in my playthrough with Director Ollie Sykes, I realized the amount of replayability and fun the title has is astonishing. Trying to outscore your friends through the online leaderboard system will have many replaying the same levels literally hundreds of times. In addition, the laughs you will get (YES, the laughs) from play Hitman: Sniper will be equally fun. Shooting one enemy off the roof and sending him landing onto a bodyguard three floors below is hysterical as that bodyguard then proceeds to fall onto a car, setting off the alarm and a gas tank explosion. One kill has now become a triple chain affair of murder and high score multipliers, while also becoming hilariously satisfying to see it play out. 

Hitman:Sniper will be releasing sometime this Winter on Android devices and IOS. This will be a free-to-play game, which only adds to the excitement of this already promising looking handheld title. Special thanks goes out to Mr. Ollie Sykes for giving us the time to check out his latest project.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (iOS) Hands-On/Interview – NYCC 2014

Pac-Man CE DX

At the Namco booth over at NYCC, I had the opportunity to interview Benjamin Acevedo, the producer for the upcoming Pac-Man Championship Edition DX for iOS and Android. During my time checking out the hands-on demo he showcased, he showed that everything fans loved about the console edition released back in 2010 would translate perfectly to iOS. All the original game and audio files are 100% intact, assuring fans won’t get a gimped out version of the game.

While showing the demo, there were some notable additions that add to the quicker pickup-and-play nature of the game while on-the-go. There is an entire world map, filled with specific stipulations that must be completed to advance to the next level. Within those are also Challenge Stages that will provide much more difficult objectives to complete for a level. When the game was running on-screen (displayed on an iPad mini), it looked stunning. The visuals are just as smooth and vibrant as they are on consoles and the swipe controls look incredibly responsive.

The big surprise about the upcoming release was the fact that it’s going to be a free-to-play title for everyone. Pac-Man is approaching his 35th anniversary this March and the folks over at Namco wanted to really get the ball rolling by starting to celebrate the iconic video game character’s history. Naturally, with it being free-to-play, you can expect the fact that you have a set amount of lives to play and once you’re out, you’ll have to wait a bit before you can play again, unless of course you buy the “premium version” which Ben mentioned as an option. You could even use in-game coins to purchase higher capacities for lives and bombs (which were used to clear ghosts away from you if things got out of control). The game will have all the original modes and levels from the console edition, aside from the additions mentioned.

Ben also showed off a fun little Pac-Man title which recently released on iOS called Pac-Man Friends. This puts a fun twist on the Pac-Man formula having you control both Pac-Man and one of his friends simultaneously in a small stage where you must guide them both to safety. The interesting element was that every one of Pac-Man’s friends has a unique ability, whether it be one that’s invisible to ghosts, while another grows bigger after each pellet eaten. Each stage has 3 objectives to aim for, some of which will really challenge players tremendously.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is slated for release on the iOS and Android this December, so stay tuned! In the meantime, those who are interested in Pac-Man Friends can check that out on both iOS and Android devices right now. Feel free to also check the video showing off both games below.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Hands-On – NYCC 2014


Capcom has a reliable presence at New York Comic Con every year, and this time around was no different. For 2014, Capcom brought a playable demo of the sequel to the highly-acclaimed Resident Evil: Revelations, allowing visitors to get a glimpse at the franchise’s first leap to next-gen. The demo features series veteran Claire Redfield and newcomer Moira Burton as they try to survive an abandoned medical facility.

It has to be said that with the jump to next-gen platforms, we should expect a bump to the visuals, and the most immediate thing you’ll notice is that RE:Rev2 runs at a smooth and consistent 60 FPS, a jarringly eye-pleasing change that’s long overdue. Models have been improved as well, showing many more minute details than before. Even though it’s obvious Capcom used Resident Evil 4/5’s assets as the baseline, you’ll notice improvements such as Claire’s jacket fluttering around in response to her movements. Enemies are also much more lifelike, wincing in pain depending on where you shoot them. The enemies featured in the demo are also surprisingly agile, and their movements are animated very well, whether they’re lunging and leaping at you, or taking a swing with a crude bladed weapon.

The demo was playable with DualShock 4 controllers, and if it was any indication, RE:Rev2 will control beautifully. Capcom have stated that the Revelations series is meant to evoke a more old-school feel, and while I feel this style has been achieved, the controls are still quite well-tuned. Aiming and firing is very easy and precise, aside from a sudden leap in sensitivity as you move the stick away from its center position. However, this only took a few minutes to get used to, and by the time enemies started getting thrown at me, I was pulling off headshots like a trained professional. Your character can sprint and dodge as well, though I find the confined spaces presented in the demo left very few opportunities to dash around. Dodging, however, is a welcome mechanic, and is achieved by simply pressing the O button with a direction. This mechanic alone has saved my skin multiple times, and while you could argue it makes the game too easy, it’d definitely be a staple of those who decide to play RE:Rev2 on the harder difficulty.

What I had originally heard of RE:Rev2 was that Claire would play like traditional RE characters have in the past, but her new partner, Moira, was relegated to simply holding a flashlight to help her see. While the beginning of the demo confirmed those fears, it just as quickly reversed them by introducing some new mechanics unique to her. Players can switch between characters using the Triangle button, and some parts of the game will even mandate this. While it’s true that Moira will generally follow you around, shining light on the path ahead of you (and what you’re aiming at), she can also uncover hidden items for you to pick up, as well as use a crowbar to open boarded-up doors. She can even use this blunt instrument to stun enemies from behind, and finish them off when they’re down. Given the report that RE:Rev2 will support 2-player co-op, it’s nice to know that number 2 will have more to do than just pointing a flashlight around.

What little was described of the story implies that Claire and Moira are abducted while attending a party together, being hauled away to an abandoned medical facility, and fitted with bracelets that change in appearance according to their amount of fear. Interestingly, it seems Claire’s vast amount of experience keeps her bracelet glowing green, while Moira’s, being a relative newcomer to the series, is constantly yellow. A conversation between the two indicates Claire may have more of a hard edge at this point in the story as well, describing a found pistol as being “more reliable than any person”. And while Moira apparently can’t do firearms, due to some incident that has yet to be expounded upon, she has no problem tearing into zombies and mutants with the crowbar she finds early on. The entire time, the two are being monitored by an unknown enemy (the same one who placed the bracelets on their wrists), and are taunted fairly late in the demo that what they’ve experienced is nothing compared to what’s to come – a clever nod by Capcom not only to Claire and Moira’s upcoming hardships, but what the player can expect once the full game is released. And indeed, the enemies they have to fight early on are a new breed for Resident Evil, resembling something out of “The Hills Have Eyes” with their bloated appendages and visible stitchmarks, implying extensive surgical experimentation. These aren’t slow zombies, either – they’re capable of short sprints like previous enemies, but can also take sudden leaps at you with their carried weapons. They’re even clever enough to attack you while you’re climbing a ladder, hitting you just in time to knock you off and put you in an even more intense situation where your life is really on the line.

Overall, I was pretty impressed by what I got to experience with the live demo. I really enjoyed the more old-school feel to the original Revelations, and what Capcom has added to it with Rev2 makes it a joy to play. Aiming and shooting feel great, dodging is a welcome improvement (compared to its random and somewhat inconsistent performance in previous titles), and the new enemies are cool and horrifying. The demo also did a great job of whetting my appetite for the full game – I want to know who the mastermind is, where these new enemies came from, and how Claire’s character development has led her to her more hard-edged attitude she appears to have. The only downside I can really comment on is the unnecessary amount of swearing in the dialog. I’m fine with dropping f-bombs when it’s appropriate, but the dialog kind of runs wild with it a little bit. When characters mix in curse words with their normal speech, using the same monotone expression, it really decreases the efficiency of its use.

That one minor gripe aside, I think we have a lot to look forward to early next year when Resident Evil: Revelations 2 comes out.