Battlefield 4 64-Person Multiplayer E3 2013 Footage


Battlefield 4 is having a major presence at E3 thus far, and to really drive the point home, EA showed a 64-player multiplayer session, complete with a full team of players on stage along with the game’s “Commander Mode”, allowing a player to feed their team intel and call in resources from a bird’s eye view, all from the player’s tablet. Check out the footage below!

Star Wars: Battlefront E3 2013 Teaser Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront

For years, fans of the Star Wars: Battlefront have eagerly waited for a new installment in the much beloved franchise. Today, at EA’s Press Conference, they showcased a teaser trailer for the new Star Wars: Battlefront. Check it out below!

Mirror’s Edge Sequel Confirmed, E3 2013 Trailer

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 5.08.24 PM

The wait is finally over! The next Mirror’s Edge is coming…when it’s ready. Confirmed at EA’s E3 2013 conference, details are light for now but it’s definitely made the leap to the next generation from what we saw.

Check out the trailer below!

Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 2013 Trailer

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Check out the latest footage for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, straight out of E3 2013!

‘Halo’ Xbox One E3 2013 Trailer


Halo made a brief and cryptic appearance at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year. Check out the footage below!

Forza Motorsport 5 E3 2013 Footage

Microsoft had some impressive footage to show for Forza 5, promising to change the way AI works by leveraging their cloud technology. Check out the footage below!

Microsoft Reveals Steep Price Tag for Xbox One

Xbox One

During the Microsoft E3 Conference, Phil Spencer revealed the price of the Xbox One, which is set to release this November. However, hearing the price brought back many memories of Sony’s 2006 E3 Conference when they announced the PS3 price tag. Xbox One will release at $499 this November in North America. While the console has a ton of exclusives like Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct and Quantum Break to name a few, the price tag is a bit steep without question.

Will you be getting an Xbox One day one? Sound off in the comments below!

Killer Instinct E3 2013 Trailer


Killer Instinct is making a triumphant return on the Xbox One. Check out the trailer below!

Quantum Break E3 Footage

Check out this groundbreaking in game footage of Quantum Break for the X1 releasing this November.


Brutal Ryse In Game Footage for Xbox One at E3

Well Ryse definitely made an epic showing at E3. Below you can find some truly intense in game footage.

Ryse launches in November Exclusively on the X1.