Shin’ en’s “FAST Racing NEO” For The Wii U Promises “Next-Gen Visuals”


Shin’en Multimedia is planning multiple Wii U projects for the upcoming year, and all signs point to a positive relationship between the developer and Nintendo. It’s been confirmed that a successor to WiiWare’s title FAST Racing League has finally been unveiled to a brief extent. Several tweets from the developer has now confirmed FAST Racing NEO for the Nintendo eShop will be coming to the Wii U with a brand new in-game engine. Today, only a basic announcement website has been launched with the above concept art, with a 2014 release promised. The title is being slated for mid-2014 with an emphasis on “next-gen visuals” according to the developers. This company stunned many when it created groundbreaking visuals on the original Wii with Fast Racing League. Fast Racing NEO will take advantage of Shin’en Multimedia’s second generation engine, and could see screenshots and videos of gameplay this week. For more news stay tuned.

[Source – Wii U Daily]