Platinum Games Wants To Continue Developing On The Wii U


Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games gave IGN an insight into his feelings on working with Nintendo presently, and in the future. Kamiya made it clear he’s keen on developing a sequel to “The Wonderful 101”. In the same interview, he also stated his idea of porting the original Bayonetta to Wii U, and becoming an official second-party Nintendo developer. When asked if he would like to develop the 101 sequel, he responded:

“If I get the chance, I would certainly like to make that game. I really have no idea at this point, but I would love to make a sequel to one of my own games. We put a tremendous amount of work into this game and it would be unfortunate if I would not get the chance to tell a new story with these characters. However, some of the bad guys you beat in this game won’t appear in a sequel. That’s kind of a depressing thought.”

He was then asked as to the possibility of porting the original Bayonetta to the Wii U:

“I would love to make that happen, so that gamers unfamiliar with the first game get to play it. This is just my personal opinion, however. I have not much say over the matter. However, I think designers should always keep in mind that not everyone has played the previous title, even if this was released on the same platform. You have to make sure that even players who are unfamiliar with the franchise are able to keep up.”

Lastly, when asked on the desire to work with Nintendo more exclusively, he stated:

“I would love that. It would be great to work more closely with Nintendo.”

It is clear that Nintendo has made a strong business relationship with Platinum Games, and would be wise to bring them in as an exclusive partnership.

[via IGN]