The Last of Us Adds New Multiplayer Mode in Patch 1.03

The Last of Us Gameplay 1

The Last of Us (our review here), originally released back in June, hasn’t seen a lot of love from Naughty Dog. With only 2 small patches to help the multiplayer and an issue with some scandalous phone numbers, Naughty Dog has pretty much neglected the game. With 3 DLC packs promised and no announcements on those as of yet, it is with great pleasure that I welcome this new piece of evidence that indeed states Naughty Dog will be supporting TLoU, at least in some sense.

As of today, August 28th, 2013, ND has released information on a new patch (1.03) that will bring about a few fixes such as: improved matchmaking, a few moved supply boxes, the number of items given by supply boxes, camera issues, as well as interrupting special executions being fixed (now players who get killed while performing special executions will no longer receive the points). While most of these are very minor fixes, it is still heartening to know they are listening or at least observing some of what is going on (regardless if they haven’t been watching my matches as I have never had TOO many supplies).

The most shocking thing about this patch is that it comes with a free game mode for everyone, called Interrogation. Set with traditional deathmatch rules, you face off against another team of 4, but instead of just going for kills, you have a goal. Each team has a safe that is hidden in the level, you must protect yours while at the same time trying to unlock theirs – the catch? You need to interrogate enemies in order to find it. By downing, but not finishing enemies, you can interrogate (a replacement for the normal special execution) enemies to find the location of their safe. However, not just one enemy will do – you must interrogate at least 5 enemies to ensure you have the correct location. Once found, you can then begin to unlock the safe, though this make take a while and any damage you take will require you to stop unlocking. Once the safe has been opened, your team has won – but be careful, the enemy has the same idea, you’ll need to protect your safe as well!

This is a welcome change to the traditional gameplay style of the TLoU, and what’s even better is that it still centers around the use of teamwork which has always been at the core of TLoU’s gameplay. No exact date has been dropped for this update so keep an eye out for the release date by following @GamersXtreme on Twitter and Facebook!

UPDATE: The patch will go live tomorrow!

[Source: Kotaku]