Seamless Integration with the X1 and Skype


Back at E3, Microsoft showed us a brief demo of how Skype was going to interact with the X1, and needless to say, it all seemed quite impressive. Today, Microsoft further discussed the integration of Skype in the console. The powerful app utilizes Kinect’s voice and gesture controls to execute on-screen actions. The Kinect 2.0 camera will be able to make Skype video calls in full 1080p. The camera also features a “wide-angle field of view”. The service will be included into the Xbox One console, allowing gamers to activate calls using just their voice aka voice commands. The Kinect 2.0 has a remarkable microphone that will be able to interpret background noise unrelated to your call and drown it out such as TV’s or radio’s playing.


Xbox’s Yusuf Mehdi talked about Skype for Xbox One and how it will deliver the best Skype shared communications experience in the living room. “The living room is incredibly important for us, and you. It’s where the majority of your Skype conversations take place, and where you gather with family and friends.” Using snap technology, gamers will be able to video chat in full 1080p while doing various other activities at the same time on the X1. For example, players can video chat with a friend across the globe in glorious 1080p while bouncing between Netflix, Profile editing, or any other task you want to joggle while chatting. Whether you’re conducting a business conference in your living room, or just group chatting with friends, Skype seems to be bringing a worthy service to the X1 this fall.

[via Gamespot]