Rockstar Says GTA V Gameplay Video “Coming Soon”


Moments ago, Rockstar released another press statement regarding their upcoming blockbuster, GTA V. In the statement, they promised fans that a new video displaying actual gameplay for Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released very soon. This will not be a cinematic trailer, but rather our first glimpses on the actual nuts and bolts of the game.

“The first Official Gameplay Video is on its way,” the studio said in a Q&A posted to their website. Additionally, they promised that more information regarding the game’s multiplayer mode called Grand Theft Auto Online will be coming “soon” as well. “We’re very excited to unveil it to you sometime this summer,” a spokesperson stated.

In the last 14 months, we have seen multiple trailers of the game with seconds of gameplay at best. Now it seems we will finally be seeing how this game runs, just months before its release. The footage is promised sometime this summer, however all signs are pointing within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more on all things GTA.

[Via: GameZone]