New Castle of Illusion HD Details


Years ago, Disney’s Castle of Illusion was ranked with a near mythical status for old-school gamers that gamed in the 16-bit era. It seems Sega is dead set on trying to create a perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. A Sega spokesperson has stated this when questioned on the passion for creating this HD remake.

“It is one of the most requested games for us to make for us on the Sega side, and on the Disney side as well. About two years ago we decided to re-imagine it. We didn’t just want to make an HD version. We wanted to freshen it up, not just in graphics, but in gameplay as well. As a result you see something that is very true to the original game and is very modern as well.”

“The team took the opportunity to tweak some elements that hadn’t aged as well, most notably that cornerstone of any platforming challenge: jumping. The jumping mechanics are pretty modernized. The old game, it was good, it was challenging, but for a modern game you have a little more fluidity of animations. That’s one part that we’ve had the opportunity to add a lot more animations.”


It seems Mickey’s animations add more depth to the character than ever before. Sega insisted that they have been working hand-in-hand with Disney. Disney animators have kept a close watch over the visuals and art style of the game as it has progressed. A new feature will be the inclusion of 3D visuals for Boss battles only. The rest of the game will be in 2D just as the original. The team at Sega seems to be putting a lot of love into a project that is clearly so nostalgic from some of our childhoods, and clearly still a passion of Disney’s.