Terraria Creator Andrew Spinks Talks Vita, Future Content


We recently had the chance to talk with Terraria creator Andrew Spinks in advance of the impending Vita port of his wildly-popular side-scrolling adventure game. Terraria has seen a hugely-successful launch on PC and its Xbox 360 / PS3 following is quite strong as well, so it’s only natural that the game makes the leap to mobile platforms next. While we were certainly excited to find out more about the mobile version, Andrew was also gracious enough to give us some insight into Terraria’s origins and where it’s going from here. Check out the interview below!

Jonathan: First off, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us, Andrew. I’m a big fan of Terraria, both for its 2D action-explorable style as well as the crafting options it features. It’s a really unique experience. What was your inspiration to combine these playstyles into Terraria?

Andrew: My goal with Terraria has always been to make a game that I personally enjoy playing.  Along with that “unique experience” you mentioned, combining these and other styles is just part of what helped me reach that goal!

Jonathan: No doubt that there will be inevitable comparisons between Terraria and Minecraft, both for their explorable worlds and crafting features. Did you come up with the idea for Terraria before Minecraft went public? Was it an inspiration for Terraria? What do you think sets your game apart?

Andrew: Minecraft was a definite inspiration for Terraria.  Starting out, Terraria looks very similar to Minecraft, but as you progress, the differences become more apparent in terms of exploration, combat, and game progression as a whole!  Terraria has its own personality as well that comes to life through the dialog, the soundtrack, as well as the graphics.

Jonathan: Terraria’s been a huge hit on PC, and you’ve said that it’s fan feedback that prompted you to work on a PS Vita version of the game. Did the majority of this feedback come about after Terraria’s release on Xbox 360 and PS3, or was it mostly due to the initial feedback from the PC crowd?

Andrew: I’d say it was initial feedback that prompted the port to the Vita, but there was more and more demand for it after the release of the console versions too.

Jonathan: The Vita sports some unique features not available on other portable platforms, like its rear touch pad and Near social features. What sorts of technologies are you looking to leverage in the Vita version of Terraria? Will the Vita version be an adaptation of the PC/Console version, or are you looking to add some new features to the game that take advantage of the Vita’s unique technology?

Andrew: We’ll have more information for you as we get closer to launch, but I will say that we are going to do our best to take advantage of the system’s unique qualities to make sure the game stays intuitive in this new environment!

Jonathan: Finally, what does the future of Terraria look like? Are you planning to work on a version of the game for iOS and Android platforms, or even other consoles like the DS / 3DS and Wii U? Are there any major additions to the game in the pipe?

Andrew: iOS will be coming out this summer, and we hope to have it for Android devices soon after that!  I’ve also been personally working a great deal on the 1.2 update for PC that will also be ported to XBLA and PSN!  We haven’t made any concrete decisions about Nintendo yet, but we’ll see what happens!

Jonathan: Thanks again for your time Andrew. It’s been great talking to you, and we’re looking forward to playing Terraria on the go on our Vitas!

Andrew: Thanks for the interview and for the kind words!  It’s been fun!

Be sure to look out for Terraria on the Playstation Vita and iOS devices this summer!

  • jujubee88

    When’s it coming to VITA? I need it!!!

    • Argus9

      Very soon! Possibly this month!