The V Podcast: Xbox One Reveal Thoughts


VengefulTorture and myself (Glacier928) discuss our 100% honest thoughts about the Xbox One reveal in episode 10 of “The V Podcast”. Breaking down every feature of yesterday’s announcement, we talk about the pros and cons with what was shown.

  • Crash

    Ok, I have fat man hands so xbox controller is always better then the ps3 controller. They HAVE to make it backwards compatible! As far as the Kinetic pluses, I suspect there will be some games that watch your heart beat to make sure our fat asses don’t kill ourselves!! As for the size, Is the Power supply built into it like the xbox original??

    • VengefulTorture

      With new images surfacing comparing the 360 to the X1 controller, they look remarkably similar in size and shape to be honest. And as for backwards compatability neither the PS4 of X1 will have it, its a new move apparently – still dont really understand it. I think the kinect will be a thing that gets faded out for most gamers as the console lives on. We currently dont know about the power supply, i dont think i’ve seen anything on it. It usually isnt an area of focus to be honest.