Nintendo To Hone In On Smartphone Developers For The Wii U


The news is out that Nintendo is looking to beef up its third party support via smartphone game developers. Nintendo is apparently trying to bring smartphone developers to the Wii U console. Leaks within Nintendo stated that Nintendo is offering “professional-use conversion software”. This is going to help create a simplistic process for bringing cell phone games to the Wii U in a much more timely fashion. The Wii U has sold 3.45 million systems to date, which apparently is still 2 million short of Nintendo’s initial expectations. Bringing smartphone games to the Wii U would certainly boost even more sales.

Nintendo has certainly realized the ever increasing importance of the mobile gaming world. Nintendo will have to keep a weary eye on Sony and Microsoft, as both will be appealing to indie developers as well. It seems this generation, all three companies have realized that small independent developers might be the key to a successful and profitable console. Sony has been particularly active in this area, with rumors of Microsoft doing the same. It seems Nintendo will have to start getting revved up about pursing indie titles if it wants to bring the best the indie developers to the Wii U.