“Kung Fu Rabbit” Developer Interview with Neko Entertainment


A few weeks ago, European Wii U owners were able to check out Neko Entertainment’s latest release, Kung Fu Rabbit. This Thursday (May 2nd), North American Wii U owners will be able to do the same (our review coming soon). We reached out to Neko Entertainment’s QA Manager, Sébastien Chipot, to provide us an interview about their latest release:

Marcello: First off, thanks for taking the time to provide us this interview. Kung Fu Rabbit was first released by CTools, Cazap and Bulkypix for the iOS and Android devices. How did you guys go about getting the backing to provide a Wii U version to the game?

Sébastien: When we saw the game, the first time, we found it to be great! The graphics are really cute, but the game is not that easy. It is a mix between beauty/fun and skills. The only thing we did not like was the controls (the virtual pad is not the best control to fit with this kind of game). So if could have the same game, but with a classic controller, it would be perfect! We realized the Wii U was the perfect platform!

Marcello: What changes (if any) were made to the Wii U version from the original mobile version?

Sébastien: We did not made a lot of changes. As I said, the game was already really enjoyable. We changed some Achievements, we added different controls (Wii U GamePad, Classic controller, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote…) to be sure anyone would enjoy the game as they prefer, and fixed some issues already present in the iOS version.

Marcello: This is now your second title available for the Wii U via eShop. How was the conversion process for you guys to bring a game that was originally designed for the mobile devices to the Wii U? Was it fairly simple or was the Wii U architecture vastly different to adapt to?

Sébastien: It is never easy to bring a mobile game to a platform like the Wii U. But we have a strong experience now, and that’s true, developing Puddle on the Wii U first, helped us to know more about that console. So we did not have to face so many problems during Kung Fu Rabbit’s Project. The only main change was the interface, as we had to change some things, especially avoiding to touch the screen of the GamePad (the touch is a nice thing, but your hands hide a part of the screen, so we preferred to focus on simple but efficient controls : the Buttons and Control pad).

Marcello: It’s a fair assumption to believe you guys are finding the Wii U to be a strong platform to develop for, as this is already your second title for it within a few months. Are there any other projects in the pipeline for the Wii U?

Sébastien: We are waiting for the final approval from Nintendo for our game Cocoto Magic Circus 2. We also have other projects on the Wii U, but it is too early to talk about it. I will contact you later when we will have more information to share about it.

Marcello: The Miiverse has really taken off as an integral element to the Wii U. What has it been like for you guys, the developers, to be in tune with fellow gamers, seeing what they think of your games, as well as seeing fan art (I believe you caught my drawing of Kung Fu Rabbit the other day)?

Sébastien: Yeah I noticed your drawing (nice one). We really think it is a great “plus” for everyone. We, as developers, can see what players think about the game (not always nice things, but we have to listen everyone, every complaint to increase our game, and bring more and more quality in our future projects). But I guess it is most of all a nice reward, because you are directly in contact with players, and so you can feel their joy about what we work on: when you see a lot of posts telling people “buy this game, it definitely worth it!”, that’s the best reward you could get !

Marcello: Kung Fu Rabbit is an undeniably cute game, between it’s visual and audio representation, to the characters themselves. Any chance we could see you guys working with CTools, Cazap and Bulkypix to provide a sequel? Also, is there any chance the game could come to the 3DS?

Sébastien: For the moment we are focusing on Kung Fu Rabbit. But I can tell you we are already working on the PS Vita to port the game on that console. But definitely, depending on the success of the game, we would love to work on a sequel, with our partner and developer CTools !

Marcello: Any other info you would like to add for the fans and readers?

Sébastien: We really hope a lot of players will enjoy our games! The more they are, the more new games we will release, trying always to satisfy them!

Marcello: Thanks again for your time Sébastien. I look forward to hearing from you and your team in the near future.