What GTA V Means To The Wii U, Nintendo And The Entire Gaming Industry


Reports have been flying that suggest Take-Two could announce a major statement regarding Grand Theft Auto V next month. The announcement is aimed on discussing what additional formats GTA V will be coming out for besides the already confirmed PS3 and Xbox 360. On May 16th, Take-Two will most certainly confirm GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox 720, but there is also a high chance for the Wii U as well. In fact, a number of sites within the last 24 hours have all but decided based on leaked information, that the Wii U version is “highly probable”.


Last year, I, as well as staff members and friends, decided that once again we were going to purchase a console on its launch day. That console was Nintendo’s Wii U. Fast forward six months and I absolutely do not regret my purchase in the slightest. Just as I have done before, when adopting a new piece of technology, one must endure the kinks and slow momentum of a console’s build up. It is now almost May of 2013 and my hopes for the Wii U couldn’t be more optimistic. With a system firmware releasing soon that will dramatically improve the system’s OS, as well as a confirmed list of triple A titles releasing on the console within the coming three months, I am pleased. It clearly seems Nintendo is thoroughly committed to making the Wii U a success. To the outside or even early Wii U adopter, it may seem as if the system was an unworthy purchase because of the lackluster line in the previous months. All of this is about to change drastically.


For the past month, I have been engaged in promoting my hopes for Nintendo, via the Miiverse community on the Wii U. In promoting these hopes, one thing has remained constant throughout: The hope that Take-Two and Rockstar would bring Grand Theft Auto V to the Wii U. Being a fan of GTA since the early days isn’t my reasoning for wanting this either, as I can simply buy GTA V on my Xbox 360 or PS3. My motivation is that Nintendo needs this opportunity to shine in a different light, a brighter one that is. Grand Theft Auto represents the pinnacle of adult-rated gameplay and a revolutionary franchise. It is also being created by one of the biggest and most respected third-party developers in the industry. If on May 16th, Take-Two indeed states GTA V is coming to the Wii U, I believe Nintendo, and the Wii U specifically, will set sail into a brave new land of endless possibilities and success. GTA V coming to the Wii U will send a shockwave through the industry. A tiny ripple of hope that Nintendo needs. It is my belief that if third party core developers get to witness Rockstar’s behemoth game run on the Wii U, there will then be a flood gate of third-party developers pouring into the Wii U filled with eager, creative minds. These past months of naive statements from developers who are passing on the Wii U to develop for Microsoft and Sony platforms will reevaluate their business decisions. This will put tremendous pressure on companies like EA, SEGA, Epic Games, and etc. to start developing their upcoming triple A’s for Nintendo. Industry analysts (who will remain silent for fear of giving them more credit than they already don’t deserve) will have to eat their own miscalculated statements regarding the Wii U.

In closing, I leave you off with this. Nintendo has always been a company that takes the lead, while the other two guys scramble, mimic and follow them. After all, Nintendo has been in the game for longer than anybody else. They know what they’re doing “most of the time” that is. If Take-Two has Rockstar create GTA V for the Wii U, the industry will change. This move will signify Nintendo entering a new era of expanding their audience. Yes, Nintendo has had violent third-party games in the past, but this is different. GTA V is expected to technologically and economically change the gaming industry just as GTA 3 had done 12 years ago. Just the idea of a GTA running on and coming to a Nintendo home console will sell in vast amounts, both for the game and the console. Developers from every walk of life will be closely observing just how powerful the system is and what its strengths are. They will then monitor the sales of the Wii U version. If both prove successful, all of the third party doors will finally unlock, and the Wii U will have truly entered the next generation fight. The only difference being that Nintendo will have a strong shot to take the lead by September due to the already ten month install base, and now enormous title coming to their machine. As of now, it seems May 16th will be an important date for Nintendo and the industry.

  • Andy Vulhop

    Nice try blurring out the watermark on that photo you lifted from Ben Gilbert’s review on Engaget…


  • Syrin26

    So… it’s like a real life Lego City?

    Hah. no, Im kidding. But it would be cool to get GTA for Wii U. But if Nintendo has proved anything over the years, they by no means need it.

  • I’d buy a Wii-U to play this.

  • dakan45

    it means that yet another overhyped gta game will sell hard without actually being good.

  • Aiddon

    it does kinda look like Nintendo has written off the first half of the year (though I can imagine Iwata is PISSED at that) due to 3rd parties dragging their heels about getting product out. It would be nice to see GTAV on the Wii U, though I’m not getting my hopes up with 3rd parties habitually making excuses to NOT develop for the system (I swear, next time someone is gonna say they’re not making anything because Iwata’s glasses look weird)

  • ….opinions are opinions , but this nintendo fanboy mentality is just tiring. DEAR LORD get that nostalgia veil off your eyes. I’m done nintendo their fans aren’t critical of them enough.

    • PauperStation

      Moreso is your multisite spamming PauperStation fanboy one. GTFO!

  • serialmania

    Wii U is good. It’s just need a few tweaks here and there and it’s good to go!

  • PatcherStation

    Bottom line, if the Wii U had sold like hot cakes like with the Wii, GTA 5 could have been possible. Maybe it’s in the works, but I can’t see it being released this year. Saying that, I don’t think Rockstar would be willing to take a risk due to low Wii U sales, unless Nintendo passed them some coin. The Wii U is up there with current consoles, so it sort of deserves the same treatment, but it’s just low sales that are letting it down. But at some point, cross format games will suffer, as it’ll only be able to keep up for so long (against the Xbox 720 and PS4). The Wii suffered when it came to thirdparty games, looks like the Wii U is going to follow it.

    • joe zecca

      The WiiU has outsold both the Xbox and ps3 at launch theres 4 million of the things and if GTA comes to the system that will increase massively and with the Nintendo games coming it will BLOW UP.

      • PatcherStation

        How will the Wii U fair up against the Xbox 720 and PS4? Thirdparty games will drop like dead flies.

      • PatcherStation

        Just over 3 million have been sold worldwide, but sales have slowed right down. The white model sells for £175 new, but they’re still not really selling. Things will get worse once the other consoles are out. I think Nintendo might be looking at a £149 price point to shift it. Games wise, Nintendo doesn’t release a lot of games and thirdparty support is always average. The added cost of a hard drive, controller etc., the Wii U is an expensive console.

  • navjot singh

    i m waiting for this game4

  • insaner

    Why does this feel like GTA III for the Dreamcast all over again? It was supposed to release on DC but because of 9/11 the game was postponed and the DC version was canceled.

  • Владислав Зимин

    Wii U has a very weak CPU, the game will not work on this console, no chance

    • lol

      stupidist shit i have heard all day. and the day isnt even half way over

  • KuchikiSentou

    The report reference reads like it was written by a PC fanboy. To base an article on such, and premise it with such a headline, just smacks of desperation for hits.
    Which is fair, but insufficient.

  • Powerful article my hopes are high for ninty i want this badly as well

  • This would be great for the Wii U. Also I would really be interested in playing it for this system and see how it works on the game pad and Wii u functionality.

  • CJ

    Wiiu + GTA V = awesome.

    Imagine the special gamepad features.

  • JQ

    Assassin’s creed and COD already confirmed their new game will be on wii u as well so that means the sales weren’t bad. Also Watch Dogs has has no problem with the wii u. So wy does rockstar even have to think about it? Com on man!

  • Mark

    If the wiiu can support and will play watch dogs why can’t this come out on wiiu?

  • Stephen Davis

    We all want this but sadly the only way Rock star would allow this title out of Microsoft’s and Sonys hands is if Nintendo payed them. We all know it would be a cold day in hell before Nintendo would do that. Rock star had a meeting with president of Nintendo and I am sure it was about GTA V. This was a while ago but nothing has come of it. I would like to hold my breath and say Nintendo is being smart and keeping a card like this close to their chest for the holidays but I also would like to see our government stop doing what it is they want in our “best” interests. Two seperate issues. But who knows Nintendo can surprise you. Its just been a long time since they have.

  • james0060

    but the wii u would not be able to handle it usless you want it to look like gta 3