Miiverse App Launches in May; New Features Coming in Update


During the GDC conference, Producer Kiyoshi Mizuki made some announcements regarding the Wii U’s touted Miiverse. First off, the promised Miiverse App for mobile devices and browsers is finally coming sometime in May. You will be able to do everything you normally would on the Wii U’s Miiverse except post in-game screenshots (naturally since you won’t be playing those games on your mobile device). This is something that Wii U owners have been excited for, especially after seeing how addictive the Miiverse is to browse.

Next thing is the updated feature to the Wii U Miiverse. They are adding the feature to launch directly into a game from the Miiverse. For example, if someone beat your score in Runner 2 on a certain level, they can post it on the Miiverse and the viewer can launch directly into the game, to that specific level and tackle it. It’s like having direct access to an interactive friends leaderboard. This will definitely give the Miiverse an even further connected experience than ever before.

The 3DS is still on track to receive its Miiverse community, but still have no release window at the moment. They did confirm that the 3DS Miiverse will not work on all previously released titles, but any future titles will have it.

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[Source – Polygon, Nintendo World Report]