Resident Evil: Revelations Looks To be a Worthy Console Purchase


The first gameplay footage of Resident Evil: Revelations has been released and I must state that we here at Gamers Xtreme are pleased so far. The video shows HUNK as a playable character blasting his way through corridors with his machine gun. The video is clearly demonstrating “Raid Mode” on the big screen finally. For those who never played the original 3DS version of RE: Revelations, I will explain the mode. Raid mode is an arcade/score mode with a Resident Evil twist. The player must fight through waves of creatures in challenge maps where they’re graded on their performance and earn points that can be used to buy new equipment. You can imagine these missions will create quite a buzz when tackled in co-op mode for the PSN/XBL/WiiU online community .

Now that the title will be on consoles, I feel having a dual-analog stick controller will greatly help gamers this time around. Another great addition to this version will be new custom weapon parts, as well as new enemies. You will also have an additional difficulty level called “Infernal”, which will feature enemies in different locations then they originally were, as well as items too. Resident Evil: Revelations is due out on May 21st for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii U. For more news on Resident Evil Revelations stay tuned to Gamers Xtreme, and as always, “Game On!”