Club Nintendo Receives Some Fantastic Additions


For those who are enrolled and participate in the Club Nintendo program, you will have a special treat coming to your Wii. For 200 coins, gamers will have the chance to purchase the original Paper Mario, which debuted on the N64 nearly twelve years ago. From my own perspective, Paper Mario was an amazing platformer/RPG. It fused together a perfect blend of RPG elements, combined with traditional platforming, creating a truly unique experience. If RPGs or Mario isn’t your cup of tea, then Nintendo has you covered.


Another exceptional buy is Kirby Super Star for 150 coins. Releasing over sixteen years ago on the SNES, the game has not lost its nostalgia. The single-player adventure is fun and offers some of the best Kirby visuals to date for a side scroller. Kirby also offers a terrific local multiplayer mode for those of you who can remember back in the days where friends actually came over your house to play games with you side by side, rather than sending a text to jump online. Whether you are a Mario fan or Kirby fan, or both, the result is the same. You will be making a great decision to pick up at least one of these games and see the quality that was put into them. In doing that, you will also thoroughly enjoy the adventures offered by each. These two classic games are well worth the price of your coins, literally!


If you are a fan of DSiWare, then fear not because Nintendo’s got you covered with two great titles. Metal Torrent is a fun shooter with online leaderboards, and varied game modes that are sure to keep you entertained. It can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop via the Nintendo 3DS for $4.99. If you are a Club Nintendo member, you can purchase this for just 150 Coins. Another fun DSiWare title is Bird & Beans. Simple, yet fast paced and great as a pick-up and play, it’s a no brainer. Combine challenging gameplay and a $1.99 price tag or 100 coin price for club members and it’s an easy sell. Its worth mentioning that all four titles will only be available till March 10, so time is limited!