Wii U Getting a New Bundle For North America


Nintendo is coming out with a new Wii U bundle, and it’s full of horror, literally. Launching on February 17th in North America, you’ll be able to purchase this $390 ZombiU Deluxe Set bundle. The set will come with the black deluxe Wii U and GamePad, a digital copy of Nintendo Land, and a physical copy of ZombiU. It will also come with a Wii U Pro controller!

Nintendo has done away with the Nintendo Land disc and replaced it with the ZombiU disc, and instead made Nintendo Land a digital only affair. As an early adopter of the Wii U, I am more than a tad displeased that this bundle wasn’t available on day one. For early adopters, I feel this is very unfortunate due to the fact that many spent this amount of money or more, and did not receive the same amount of content in the previous months. Nonetheless, this is a very tantalizing offer for future Wii U owners.

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