PDP Pelican PS3 Dual Trigger / Joystick Cap Review


One of the biggest advantages the Xbox 360 controller has over its PS3 counterpart is, arguably, its superb rear triggers. Their concave shape lends them perfectly to shooting and driving games, where reliability and lightning-quick responses count but authenticity can really bring out the most fun in a game. There are certainly many options out there for those looking to emulate this feel on the PS3, but with so many on the market, it can be tough to choose which is the best bet.

Thankfully, Pelican has gone above and beyond the call with their Trigger and Joystick cap combo pack. At the time of writing, they’re available from most retailers for $6.99 USD. This is very cheap considering that many similar products containing only the triggers run for that amount.

The triggers themselves are simple plastic attachments that snap onto your PS3 controller’s existing triggers. The setup is extremely simple, but the product is reliable and does what it advertises. There’s really no other way to describe the triggers on the controller other than to say it just feels right. The concave curvature and size lend themselves perfectly to be used as secondary triggers (in the classic Playstation style) or swapped with L1 and R1 as main trigger paddles. They don’t have the same grip as similar silicone triggers available on the market, but they don’t need to either. You’ll never find your grip slipping even in the most intense of gameplay moments. Even playing fast-paced shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, I felt the triggers were just as responsive as using L1 and R1 for aiming and shooting, respectively, but the added reliability and authenticity really made the game come alive for me. The triggers add a bit of size to the controller’s profile, but are well worth it for their added improvements on gameplay and control. In fact, I found that the rear triggers made the whole controller more comfortable to hold onto when equipped with the trigger attachments, however this will likely come down to personal preference. To be honest, I never planned to use L2 and R2 as primary triggers in my games, but after trying it with Pelican’s trigger add-ons, I’ll never go back.

The included joystick caps are, quite frankly, a selling point all their own as well. These silicone, rubberized covers feature several ridges that grip your thumbs as you roll them around each joystick. Installation is similarly simple; just flip them inside-out, place them over each joystick and revert it back to normal. Once they’re on, they’ll stay on through even the most grueling marathon gaming sessions. The added grip and control is a perfect fix for the PS3 controller’s smooth joysticks. I never found my thumbs sliding off-center after slapping these covers on. The fact that they’re bundled along with an excellent pair of trigger attachments is just gravy.

It’s really hard to find any fault with this product. For PlayStation Move owners who may be looking to equip their Move or Navigation controllers with these add-ons, be warned that the trigger add-ons do not attach to the Move controller’s T-trigger. You can attach one trigger and joystick cap to the Navigation controller, however Pelican doesn’t currently offer a single pack of each as of yet, so you’ll need two Navigation controllers to make the most of this. Other than that, you may find it hard to go back to playing without the attachments – but obviously I’m grasping at straws at this point.

All in all, Pelican’s hit a home run with this trigger and joystick add-on pack. Whether you’ve tried the 360 controller’s triggers and wanted something similar for your PS3 set-up, or are just looking for a way to add some extra control and authenticity to your games, Pelican’s combo pack is hard to beat at this or any price.