Flashback HD Remake in the Works?

A few gaming generations back, there was a certain title that aimed to provide a cinematic story with unique visuals, “Flashback: The Quest for Identity” for the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo. Playing as Conrad, you had to solve the mystery as to who your character was and prevent a shape-shifting alien race from destroying human existence. The game was very well done and is a favorite amongst many. In an interesting event of news, a French gaming site called “Gameblog” has revealed the first ever information and screenshot of an HD remake to Flashback.

Published by Ubisoft and developed by Vectorcell (under the helm of the game’s original creator, Paul Cuisset), Flashback Origins is looking to bring back fans of the originals while opening up to a wider audience. Not much else has been released yet but here’s the game’s first screenshot:


Are you excited for Flashback to make a return in HD? Did you ever play Flashback? Sound off in the comments below!