The End of an Era – PS2 Officially Ceases Production in Japan

We may have dodged the end of the world predictions, but today marks the end of an era for many nostalgic gamers.

As Famitsu reports, Sony announced today that its historic console will cease production in Japan, leaving buyers with what’s left on the market. After 12 years and 153.6 million units sold, the PlayStation 2’s future in its home country has been cut tangibly short.

While it’s unlikely to meet someone who hasn’t experienced the PS2 in some shape or form – whether by owning one, playing with a friend, or simply watching it in action – those who haven’t had the chance to own one will have their options limited soon. It’s likely that Amazon and eBay prices on the PS2 will go up once their on-market supplies plummet.

This isn’t to say that the PS2’s life cycle is in jeopardy by any means, as Sony hasn’t stated it will cease production worldwide – yet. It may become harder for Japanese buyers to get their hands on a new PS2 model, however. Stay tuned as we follow the PS2’s imminent future.