Nintendo TVii Launches Tomorrow

Today, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said in a statement, “After December 20, you’ll never look at your TV the same way again. This is a way to get every member of the household to pick up the GamePad hopefully every day. Hopefully, this leads to a significant change in how consumers view and interact with their TV.” While Nintendo TVii was not available at launch, director of Nintendo’s product marketing Bill Trinen explained that “a few additional tweaks” needed to be made to ensure the service was absolutely perfect when it launched”. Nintendo TVii works with mostly all cable and satellite companies, as well as services like Hulu Plus and Netflix. On a side note though, Netflix will not be available through Nintendo TVii at launch, Netflix users can still access video content through the Wii U app. Nintendo said users can expect support from both Netflix and TiVo in early 2013. TVii users can use the GamePad to interact with others through commenting on live television events and reposting those comments with others through Miiverse, Facebook, and Twitter. The aim of TVii is to bring order to the hundreds of channels on regular TV and the thousands of shows and movies available through apps from Netflix,, Hulu Plus,Google, and YouTube.

TVii scans what’s available and offers you the option of watching a show, sports event or movie on live TV or through apps that connect to the internet. In 2013, Nintendo says that it will be able to integrate TVii with TiVo. It will now be possible to program a TiVo digital video recorder through the game console as well. For more news on this or any other topic be sure to keep it locked onto Gamers Xtreme, and as always, “Game On!”

  • I like it now but when I first tired it out it was a bit confusing to setup and work.