WiiFit U Takes Fitness Training to the Next Level

WiiFit and its Plus iteration helped to open up gamers and families to fitness with its ingenious peripherals and mini-games which disguised workout programs as fun activities. Nintendo is set to raise the bar even higher with its release of the next game in the series, WiiFit U.

Set for release early next year on the Wii U, this further-improved version of the fitness game includes all of the content introduced through the original and Plus verisons, as well as new activities for a grand total of 77. Even more interesting is the planned inclusion of a pedometer peripheral, complete with an image of your Mii character, total steps taken, and number of calories burned. The pedometer will keep track of your steps and calories during the day, and you can then wirelessly sync this data to the game when you get back home, adding a new layer to fitness tracking.

WiiFit U is slated for release in Q1 2013.

For more info, check out the Nintendo Direct video in its entirety below!