Upcoming Brain Age Game Tackles Modern-Day Issue

The Brain Age series has been helping gamers sharpen their minds through its many iterations, but an upcoming entry in the franchise is set to tackle an issue most of us are facing in the modern day and age.

Dubbed Brain Age: Concentration Training, the game details the many distractions we face through our everyday lives with the many electronics we use constantly. Information Overload and Addiction is a real problem many of us deal with these days, and if we aren’t checking our phones, emails, or favorite web sites, we feel fidgety, on edge, and restless, finding it difficult to focus on other tasks. If you’ve ever sat at the dinner table with your cell phone next to you and felt compelled to keep checking it, you’ve dealt with Information Addiction yourself.

Brain Age: Concentration Training is set to deliver a collection of exercises designed to help you improve your concentration and lessen your dependence on your electronic devices. Aside from introducing brand-new activities, the game will also feature a dynamically-scaling difficulty system, such that as you get better, the game scales up in difficulty automatically to constantly provide you with a fair challenge.

Concentration Training is set for release on the 3DS in early 2013.

For more info, check out the Nintendo Direct video in its entirety below!