Nintendo Delivering Panoramic Experiences on the Wii U

No, you don’t need to equip yourself like Mr. Iwata here to enjoy a panoramic shot.

Instead, Nintendo will be delivering two different experiences to the Wii U early this Spring.

During Nintendo Direct earlier today, the previously-mentioned Panorama View software was expanded on, showing a bit more detail on exactly what you’ll be able to do with it.

Panorama View will allow users to view live-action videos of different locales around the world, from flying with geese to riding in a street cart. During these videos, you’ll be able to move around your Game Pad to look around at the sights happening around you. Short of actually being there, this is quite possibly the closest you can come to a virtual simulation of a real-life locale. Panorama View will be available as a paid digital download on the Wii U eShop this Spring.

Nintendo have also been experimenting with Google Maps integration with the Wii U, and their results were on display today. Presumably available as a free download, the app will allow users to browse around Google Maps’ extensive list of satellite views and maps, and then go to its panoramic Street View on their Game Pad. Similar to Panoramic View, you’ll be able to move around the Game Pad to look around in Street View.

For more info, check out the Nintendo Direct video in its entirety below!