Game & Wario to Bring Lots of Dual-Screen Possibilities


The upcoming Game & Wario for the Wii U promises to bring lots of opportunities to exploit the system’s dual-screen capabilities. Nintendo explained this idea further in their Nintendo Direct conference today, citing two included games as examples.

First up is a mini-game named Gamer, which should harken back to Wario Ware’s roots but introduce a new gameplay element. Players will need to keep track of both their tv screen as well as the one on the Wii U game pad. Though a single-player experience, Nintendo mentioned that there would be ways for the audience to get involved.

Their other minigame, Fruit, involves one player playing the role of an on-screen fruit thief who will need to swipe fruit from a crowd of characters while avoiding detection from other players. Only the thief looks at the game pad, so other players will need to remain alert to catch the thief.

Check out the Nintendo Direct video for more details!