Skyrim’s “Dragonborn” DLC coming to PS3 and PC in 2013

Players of Bethesda’s Skyrim on PS3 have had a lot to complain about, with the platform lagging behind significantly in receiving DLC compared to PC and 360 owners. PC players have also likely grumbled at the timed exclusivity of the game’s DLC on Xbox 360.

Bethesda has released news today that may allay these fears, if only slightly.

Skyrim’s newest upcoming DLC, Dragonborn, will be released tomorrow on Xbox Live. More importantly, however, the PC and PS3 versions of the add-on will be available in early 2013.

PS3 players should take this announcement with a grain of salt, however. Bethesda’s last word on PS3 DLC has been that it is delayed indefinitely until they can work out the kinks. Considering no announcements have been made about the other two pieces of DLC, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, it seems strange Bethesda would make the leap to Dragonborn first.

Stay tuned to Gamers XTREME as we continue to cover the DLC’s progress.