Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013 Announced; Receives Extensive Balancing

While Capcom gave us a ton to look forward to at their Street Fighter 25th Anniversary panel at New York Comic Con ’12, one item in particular is sure to appeal to fans of Capcom’s latest fighting installment, Street Fighter X Tekken. Similar to the major overhauls done in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren announced they will be releasing a major balance patch for SFXT in mid-December.

While not all details of the patch were released at the con, a list of all changes mentioned are as follows:


  • Throw start-up frames reduced from 7 to 5
  • Tekken characters receiving better anti-air attacks
  • Recoverable health regenerates at a slower rate to reduce amount of time-outs in matches
  • Recoverable health is orange instead of pale yellow to make it more distinctive
  • Boost Combo camera has been stabilized to keep gameplay flow smooth
  • Visual effect from gem collection is more subtle
  • The “FIGHT” pop-up disappears more quickly at the start of a fight


  • Ken: Shippu Jinraikyaku has more forward movement and increased damage
  • Kazuya: EX Wind God Fist now has full invulnerability from start-up to the end of active frames
  • M. Bison: Knee-Press Nightmare is now fully invincible to projectiles
  • Bob and Paul: Walk speed increased

The patch is slated for release in mid-December and will be free of charge.

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