“Puddle” Coming to the Wii U; Details and Screenshots Included

Earlier this year, gamers were able to experience a unique indie title on PSN/XBLA called Puddle, developed by Neko Entertainment. A few months later, Puddle then made its way to the PS Vita and was very well received (read our review), in which I highly recommended those looking for a fresh experience to look into it. Today, Neko Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing Puddle for the Wii U and that the experience has been polished even further.

Puddle will run at full 1080p and 60fps on the Wii U, thanks to “very good performances” that the developer has gotten out of the console. They also took advantage of the TV/Gamepad feature so if you need to stop playing your game on the TV, you can continue seamlessly through the Wii U Gamepad’s screen and still retain a 60fps on there. Controls will be handled in three ways: Accelerometer, ZL-ZR trigger buttons, and Left Stick. Basically, these are the same control setups as the PS Vita edition but it’s great to see them capitalize on the “accelerometer” as that provides for a very natural and intuitive experience. Lastly, Neko Entertainment has examined which particular levels many people used the “Whine and Skip” feature on and made adjustments to ensure no frustration in simply completing those levels. They want to make the player feel that they always have the chance of completing a level but if you aim for the Gold Medals, it’s still going to be a solid and rewarding challenge.

Neko Entertainment has been hard at work in preparing their latest edition of Puddle for the launch of the Wii U and based on the enhancements, it’s certainly sounding like the most polished version yet. Puddle will be downloadable via the Wii U eShop at launch.

Are you interested in Puddle? Did you play Puddle before? If so, which version? Sound off in the comments below and check out out Puddle (PS Vita) Review if you haven’t already!

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