PlayStation 3D HD TV Cheaper Than Ever

Either Sony’s trying to get more gamers into 3D TV technology, or we’re just not buying it; either way, Sony is sticking to their guns, and Best Buy is offering their 3D TV bundle at the lowest price it’s ever been.

Sony’ PlayStation 3D HD Display Bundle, which includes a super-slim 24″ 3D HD TV, a pair of PlayStation 3D glasses, a copy of Motorstorm Apocalypse, and an HDMI cable, are on sale at Best Buy for $159.99, down from $179.99.

The guys over at the Totally Rad Show have reviewed the TV themselves; you can find the video here.

At 24″, Sony’s TV rates around the price of most 22″ computer monitors, but with the included extras and 3D features, it’s clearly a better value. However, 24″ is quite small for a gaming TV, so it’s really only ideal for small gaming spaces or for people who want to try out 3D but aren’t really to shell out much, much more for bigger displays. Plus, Sony’s SimulView technology is a real breakthrough, allowing two players to share the same screen, but anyone viewing the action without 3D glasses will have an extremely jarring experience. estimates that the sale on this TV should hold steady at $160 for at least the next two weeks, so if you were previously on the fence, take some time to think about it.

Have you seen Sony’s 3D TV with your own eyes? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  • still a lil high for a 24 inch. wish they had a 40 inch πŸ™

    • Same here. If they had a larger screen, I’d definitely invest in this TV myself. Still, for those who’ve been looking for a 3D HDTV that’s affordable and a good starter, this certainly fits the bill.

    • no your just broke.. This is a great price actually

  • I heard they’re coming out with a bigger one. So that must have something to do with it.

  • Afreelunch

    I own this tv but I have fairly limited space for gaming, I live with 3 roomies so the setup is in my own room. The picture is great and the 3D is fun, but the sound is not very good, even for a flat panel. I spent another 80 on a nice 2.1 sound system to complete the package. It wouldn’t be good for gaming if you’re sitting across a mid-large living room from your screen.

  • Cazdghost

    They are just selling it off at fraction so they can get rid of this badly produced product. This monitor is plagued with so many issue that they are forced to do so. Check the google for the black screen of death this Monitor is infamous with. I had one and regretted that i did bought. Now its paper weight display and looking to be trashed in the next spring break…i am no sony hater, i’ve been loyal to them since we got the first trinitron back in the 80’s. we love it so much and sony became a household brand. But now sony is not in that level of Quality brand they are known of 20years ago. Buy Samsung instead if you are looking for a great Monitor. REMEMBER, Quality doesn’t come cheap.


    I just bought one today and lovin it! I got it on sale for $159 along with a 4 year protection plan and it totaled to exactly $201.38…..for those who want the exact cost. I’d def recommend it…full HD and 3D!!….must cop it.

  • Guest

    Because nobody is buying it as it is a stinking PoS! You can’t fall for the $ony trap every time. Oh, and it’s not a TV, it’s a display/monitor.

  • nice!!

  • RK Rico Suave

    I sell these TV’s. The tv itself is meant for small spaces. Like dorm rooms and bedrooms. The tv is a 1080p 240HZ 24″ the price is amazing. It has a high refresh rate and full hd. With 10w speakers don’t ever expect for any of the new age TV’s to have good sound quality because you would be dumb enough to think such a thin LED tv to have space for sound. Also realize that most gamerz would probably use a gaming headset anyways. If you want a TV with similar technology like simulview just look into the LG’s. The newer models have it already, might be an update as well, must be a 3D model of course. Great value, remember the TV was originally 300 and now its down pretty low. Not because of bad quality.