Studio Liverpool’s Abrupt Close Leaks Possible PS4 Info

Studio Liverpool has been a prominent presence in the gaming industry for the past 28 years before its sudden and abrupt closure this morning by Sony. Details are sketchy, but this shuttering follows Sony’s previous in the list, including Zipper Interactive and Bigbig Studios.

In the wake of Studio Liverpool’s closure, an anonymous source has leaked that the developer was working on a pivotal project. Rumors state that the Studio was working on a new Wipeout game for the PS4, set to be “dramatically different” from previous games in the series. What’s more, the project was slated to be finished in a 12- to 18-month development cycle, which would line up with current projections about the launch of the next console generation. According to the anonymous source, the game was “pretty far along”. In light of this information, the question remains if Sony’s motives for closing Studio Liverpool had anything to do with their latest project.

Sony retains the rights to the Wipeout franchise, so it remains to be seen if the rumoured sequel will come to fruition. The final release by Studio Liverpool was the Vita-exclusive Wipeout 2048.