Resident Evil Chronicles HD Selection Priced and Dated

Resident Evil fans that missed out on the Wii on-rails shooters, RE: Umbrella Chronicles and RE: Darkside Chronicles, can now mark their calendars on when to pick up their HD remasters on PSN.

On June 26th, you can get both Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles bundled together for $26.99. Alternatively, you can buy each one separately at $14.99 if there’s only one that you want. They’re both tailored now for the PS Move and DualShock controller and will also contain trophy support and online leaderboards.

Owning and completing both of these on my Wii, I can say they’re great titles that are certainly worth checking out for any RE fans that missed out on it before. It would’ve been nice if this had online co-op added to play with your buddies around the world but no such luck here.

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