New Resident Evil 6 Details Confirmed; New Screenshots Included

Resident Evil 6 is set for release on October 2nd, 2012 and we couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on the title. We’ve got some new info and screenshots to keep you up to date with the latest in Capcom’s highly anticipated installment.

– The C-Virus will be the new ultimate “bio-weapon” in this title.

– Zombies will now wield axes, pipes and guns. If properly disarmed, these can be used against them.

– Zombies can now dash, jump and climb.

– Players can move and shoot, run into cover and dive onto the ground and fire while on their backs.

– All new Mercenaries Mode is available Day 1 for everybody, no DLC stipulations.

– Mercenaries Mode will be Capcom’s boldest, most expansive mode yet

– A tramatic event occurs in Chris Redfield’s life during his mission in Lianshang, China. This completely changes his personality to a more cryptic and pessimistic Chris Redfield.

– Ada Wong is somehow responsible for the Tragic event in China, which sets Chris on a rampage after her.

– Wesker’s son’s name is Jake Muller, who is a mercenary fighting in Europe with the goal of earning cash for him and his mother.

– Jake is immune to the current viral outbreak and is contacted by Sherry Birkin in attempt to convince him to help save the world from the recent catastrophe.

– There are 3 seperate campaigns combined in one story, all taking place across the globe: Sherry and Jake, Leon, and Chris.

– Leon’s first mission, taking place in a University, will be a throwback to the original RE games in which horror and atmospheric tension are the key elements in place.


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