DmC Developer Clearly States “I don’t care if it sells a thousand units or two million units”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’re aware of the Devil May Cry “reboot” that Ninja Theory is behind. Now, if you’re aware of the reboot, I’m sure you’re also aware of the amount of hatred surrounding it due to well…several legitimate reasons aside from Dante’s new look. Tameem Antoniades was interviewed by PSM3 and had responded to a fan’s comment who stated the game will most likely not sell well. Mr. Antoniades responded with the following:

“Usually the worst creative crimes are made when you’re trying to make a game for someone else – some perceived demographic that, in all likelihood, doesn’t actually exist…So from that point of view I don’t care if it sells a thousand units or two million units.”

He even stated that a successful game to make is one that the developers themselves want to play. Problem with this response is that a development studio consists of roughly 50-200 staff members. The staff members aren’t the ones buying the game, the fans are. If you’re trying cater to a worldwide fan base of a much beloved franchise, then the developer’s number one priority is to ensure the fans will have a relatable experience. That is what Tameem is clearly not understanding. I don’t think Mr. Antoniades needs to be reminded of the less than stellar sales of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Granted, both titles were really good but no one bought them.

What do you guys think? Is Mr. Antoniades going about this the right way or is he being completely arrogant? Sound off in the comments below!