Rumor: PlayStation Plus Receiving Multiple Tier Subscriptions?

Sony has recently been having surveys filled out toward their optional subscription based service, PlayStation Plus. The survey has people filling out sections pertaining to three different service tiers. The more money invested in the service, the more free games you’ll get, the higher quality titles you’ll receive and possibly even a free subscription to Call of Duty Elite. Depending on the tier level you subscribe to may affect how frequent you’ll receive extra content.

When contacted, this was Sony response:

“We have nothing specific to announce at this time, but PlayStation Plus continues to delight gamers with free games, huge discounts and exclusive gaming features that can’t be found on other platforms.”

Chances are we’ll hear about this multiple tier subscription model at Sony’s E3 Press Conference on June 4th. They announced PlayStation Plus back at 2010’s E3 Conference so it’s not a stretch to imagine the same will happen here.

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea to implement multiple tiers or are you worried that it might affect our current subscription model? Sound off in the comments below!

[Source – IGN]